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  1. Hi Bob, Thanks for taking time to share all this - it has been great. We are boarding when you get back for the next cruise, so it has been most helpful. How was the weather on the transit from LA to Hawaii? Thanks again. Dave
  2. Hi Bob, Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. We are on the next cruise on the Star (11/19) and enjoying your posts very much. I didn't know that Princess had switched to digital coffee cards - good to know. We have a couple paper ones with some punches still available, but we substitute new coffee cards and bottled water for our free mini-bar anyway. This is our first cruise to Hawaii, and have been trying to decide what clothing to pack. If you wouldn't mind including a brief weather report in your posts, that would be fantastic. I know it could be drastically different in 2 weeks anyhow - but it would at least give us a rough idea of what to expect. Thanks again for all your time and efforts - enjoy your cruise; Dave and Pat
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