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  1. Ha ha - my DW and I are in the middle of 5 1/2 week holiday with an NCL Getaway cruise out of NOLA sailing 22 March booked for her 60th birthday. We are currently in Mexico, flying into NOLA on Monday morning with car hire and hotels booked for a week in Louisiana before boarding. Flights booked for Sunday 29th after scheduled disembarkation back to Mexico for a few days, and booked in the week thereafter back to South Africa. What a ......... I suppose I will have to try to get the the flights moved forward if possible - and at what cost. A FCC or refund won’t make it up for
  2. Wow. So many people on this forum mention media hysteria - but the comments made here show a far higher level of hysteria - already turning to anger. Many of the comments seem solely from a personal point of view - I want my money back, and I want it right now. And when they can’t get their way they become abusive. A few things to consider. I am certain that cruise companies business continuity risk assessments will have identified something like this - but I doubt that a board would be able to recommend to shareholders that such a reserve could be withheld on the balance
  3. Whilst I understand the comments about the buffet - I don’t see that as the biggest risk of exposure - if (god forbid) someone onboard has the virus. My understanding is that the vast majority of cases come from direct transmission - being close to someone contagious - so the higher risk places would be in one of the entertainment venues, or queuing in a corridor for a tender - or queuing for one of the restaurants, or sitting or queuing at a bar. I still see plenty people coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth - hopefully our fellow cruisers will have better etiquette. As I s
  4. We are on Getaway sailing 22 March and definitely sailing - unless circumstances change and the cruise was cancelled. I don’t understand the comments about “mass hysteria” - what I am hearing is very calm and measured cautions - especially for those over 70 and with underlying health conditions. Being a little selfish - I am hoping that plenty of people do decide to cancel/defer and the ship is not full. As per previous comments - my only concern is that someone does come down with the virus and we get quarantined.
  5. Remember the comparative size of the countries. China locked down provinces with a much bigger population than Italy.
  6. Thanks for your review RMC1 - we are sailing on Getaway on 22 March - so was interested to see your detailed review. we sailed Celebrity Summit out of Puerto Rico and really enjoyed it. The food was excellent and it is very nice starting and finishing in the Lesser Antilles rather than taking half the time to get there, and half back from Florida ports. To my memory the drinks package was also even better than the NCL package. summit is a relatively small ship - with a really great sail away bar at the stern. Thanks again for the review.
  7. Thanks for the review Reuben - great and relevant information for us. We a couple of similar age to you and cruise on Getaway in March (it will be my wife’s 60th birthday on the cruise). Have just received our plane tickets, and our flight out of NOLA has been brought forward from 11h45 to 10h36 - which heightened my (slight) concern about the time to a bit of a worry. We booked our flights as early as possible to get the best fare, and now American want $300 each to change to a later flight - even though they changed the time. So we are going to hope the ship docks on time, get in line f
  8. Thank you - answered all my questions about departure morning.
  9. For me, Moderno is a “meat fest” - which is probably what churrascaria restaurants are. However, there is so much food on a cruise that I would rather have lesser portions of well prepared dishes - but again there is frequent criticism on the forum as to the quality of food on NCL. (My DW and I found the food quality generally very good across all the venues we ate at.) For my DW and I, Moderno was ok, but we won’t be visiting on our upcoming cruise. We didn’t find the salad bar particularly good - no better at all than the salad bar at our local family steakhouse. The meat was pretty goo
  10. Fair point. If the person using their own utensils or tongs can only do it on items where they can pick them up without any chance of touching other parts of the food concerned then it does seem a bit pointless. So best option may well be to use the utensils provided, and then re clean your hands before eating. And repeat every time you go back - if you can remember! Even if I remember, I fear the reply from my DW if I mentioned it after the first visit 😠
  11. Yes, an option. I think we will probably go to the Garden Cafe at 6 - hopefully not too busy then.
  12. There are a few interesting comments on this thread: The OPs original comment about the tongs, and the use of a patron’s own (unused) fork or spoon, should help in not picking up a contamination left on serving spoons or tongs by persons ahead in the queue - which could be many. And if the person has only used the tongs/utensils on the items they took - then I can’t see anything wrong with it? The right thing to do before eating is as the poster who advised to wash hands and sanitize before entering the buffet, and then sanitize before eating. Anything you have touched in the buffet are
  13. Thank you all - particularly Reuben for the very up to date advice about disembarkation in NOLA. Looks like it will be fingers crossed for an on schedule arrival. Early breakfast and off as soon as possible. Previously we have always had late flights and been one of the last off - and still had long waits at the airport.
  14. The only thing using the tongs will do is prevent you from spreading contamination onto the food. If the food you are picking up is already contaminated then the tongs won’t help. With regard to the earlier post about food being prepared with bare hands - many, many restaurants do this - and there is no problem with it if proper hygiene is used and hands are washed regularly. A virus only gets transferred from hands if it is on the hands - so it is as easy to transmit from a gloved hand as a bare hand. A positive (if one can find a positive) of the current circumstances is that most peop
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