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  1. I agree with Keith’s post. I had a work colleague - who was in a senior position and we attended frequent functions with our wife's, and he and his wife constantly criticized and moaned - and eventually my wife and I came to the conclusion that it was just how they made conversation with each other. We enjoy our holidays - and generally are able to laugh off the not so great experiences - and on our cruises to date cannot recall a single bad meal - there may have been a so-so or “not for me” dish in a meal, but I cannot recall any entire meal that IMO was poor. We love margaritas - and soon realized that cruise ships use a margarita mix and they are poor - so we don’t order them as there are so many other options - and it reminds us of the other things we like and sometimes discover new options. Part of the fun of being on holiday is eating and drinking (and experiencing) things you don’t in your day to day life - and there will be things that you then say “tried it - wasn’t to my taste and won’t ask for it again”. looking forward to the Getaway
  2. Again thanks for the reassurance. Keith probably summed up Freestyle well - and we do like the approach. I will plan our eating venues again and prebook - must just work around the departure times and sunsets as we do enjoy a cocktail with a nice view.
  3. Thanks to all for your reassuring and positive comments - compared to the seasoned cruisers we haven’t been on many cruises but have been on Holland America, MSC, Celebrity and NCL and have enjoyed every one. The common issue is that the Freestyle Cruising concept seems a bit questionable if you need to book things in advance and spontaneity means a long wait. For our NCL cruise last year I did pre-book our dining every night - and it did work out ok. On our Celebrity cruise we chose anytime dining and found that when I tried to make a reservation on board we couldn’t get anything in prime time. We even skipped one dinner in favor of the buffet after a particularly festive time at the sail away bar - but then found that if we just pitched up for dinner we got seated within a minute or two. But from the feedback it doesn’t seem that NCL will work that way. Maybe we should prebook for the speciality restaurants and take a chance on the days we will eat in the main dining rooms - or just prebook every evening again and accept it.
  4. We have a cruise booked on Getaway for March next year and have recently been looking at the reviews posted on CC - and the majority are very negative, mostly regarding overcrowding and difficulty in accessing the facilities. We cruised last year on NCL (Epic western Mediterranean) and had a very enjoyable time - to the extent that we took advantage of the future cruise discount. I would welcome some feedback from the forum as to recent experiences and if the negative reviews are warranted.
  5. Apologies if this has been asked recently - I looked down the board and couldn’t see it. I’m sure that before our last NCL cruise in 2018 I could see on the website the restaurants and drinks menu available for the Free at Sea drinks and dining packages - but now cannot find it. We are booked on the Getaway in March 2020 with both packages. Thanks in advance for any assistance
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