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  1. I am currently booked on the MSC Sinfonia to sail from Capetown to Venice on March 10th. I was wondering if anyone was able to access the Marine eVisa that is available for Saudi Arabia. We will be arriving in Jeddah on March 29, 2023? What about the Egypt Visa has anyone bothered to get that ahead of time?
  2. Just to let you know that I booked all of my excursions with MSC. I thought that the prices were very reasonable. The only port I'm not doing an excursion is Sofkna as both of us have spent several days in Cairo before. The price to Cairo with day tours of sights with dinner was $182.52 USD with the 20% discount if you booked before the cruise. It just makes it easier with no worries about missing the boat or meeting the private drivers.
  3. I just noticed that you replied to my question. Thanks a lot. I already have visited Egypt with Memphis tours so I have seen the various temples, so I'm not feeling the pressure to find excursions in this area. Are you sailing on MSC? How did they handle the Jeddah visa? MSC now has all the excursions available on their website. Most of the excursions are reasonably priced which makes it easier for me. I'm not sure if we have met up on our travels. I'm a retired female engineer from Toronto Ontario in Canada. I have done lots of cruising as it is great way to see the world.
  4. There is a rollcall group for my cruise but nobody has done any of the work yet. I'm asking about the quality/cost of MSC tours as I cruised with Costa from Rome to Dubai before and really did not find very many independent operators in that area. I actually ended up paying more (fewer people) than the cruise line.
  5. We are planning to take the MSC Sinfornia from Cape Town to Venice on March 10, 2023. There are a lot of ports that I have not been to. MSC hasn't released the available shore excursions list yet. I'm wondering if MSC shore excursion prices are reasonable. I have cruised with Costa and found that their excursions covered good places to see and were generally reasonable. I am willing to pay about 100 USD per excursion. I have also cruised extensively with Norweigan and found that I had to to a lot of work to get shore excursions from the locals' as the price of their excursions were not reasonable. We will be going to Durban South Africa, La Possession Reunion Island, 2 days at Port Louis Mauritius and Victoria Seychelles, Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Eqypt ports. Any advice is appreciated. If I end up going with local shore excursions I will place the information on the Cruise Critic roll call. Thanks
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