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  1. Thanks for everyone’s help. We plan to first phone Celebrity - with the other couple also in the conversation - as a first try. If that does not work, we are cruising with Celebrity in a few weeks - will speak with the future cruise consultant on board.
  2. Thank you - appreciate the input.
  3. We have an upcoming Galapagos cruise on Celebrity. Well before final payment; cruise is sold out. Family members originally planned to travel on the same cruise in a separate cabin, but plan to cancel (have not yet cancelled). We have friends who would like to travel on the cruise and have the reservation transferred to them. Is it possible to transfer a reservation to another party. Thank you in advance. Cathleen
  4. Will be sailing on the Prisendam on March 25. Does anyone know if water bottles (versus a cooler with cups) are available in the fitness center? Would like to know as I will bring my own refillable bottle if bottles not available.
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