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  1. I am interested in the flash sale beginning this Friday. Does anyone know if the OBC can be used for the daily gratuity fee?
  2. Looking into the Celebrity Solstice transpacific cruise (Tokyo to Vancouver) in April 2022. A question for anyone who has done a similar route: does port or starboard receive more sun? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Agreed - wishing you a safe, healthy, and fun trip!
  4. Veendam cruise has been fine. Nice weather in Grand Turk, San Juan, and St Thomas. Seas have been smooth until last night/today - but that is not Holland America’s fault. Ship is lovely; staff are very upbeat and attentive. Coronavirus was an issue before we boarded but much more concerning to us now. Dining room first seating is close to half empty. Lectures are not well attended, but the evening show we attended had a nice crowd. We ourselves are spending a great deal of time in our room/balcony. No reports of illness on board that we have heard of.
  5. We are currently on the Veendam. No problems with getting off the ship in ports. We were allowed to disembark at Grand Turk on 3/6; San Juan on 3/7; and just cleared to disembark today (3/8) at St Thomas.
  6. I will be sailing in next month on the Veendam. We like to purchase the laundry package on Holland America as in the past they have done a wonderful job. I usually write “cold water, delicate cycle” on the laundry slip. I honestly do not know if they follow my request but have been very happy with laundry upon its return. My question is: is laundry washed as requested or are all clothes washed in hot water? Has anyone noticed a change in their laundry now that coronavirus has appeared? Trying to determine if it is worth it to purchase the laundry package or if I am better off
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