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  1. Here's what happened for us. We are in a city (Richmond, VA) where airfares are steep and flights are almost always non-direct. I kept watching fares over a year before we were to sail and had chosen the flights I wanted by both price and time - R/T Seattle in August 2018. I checked daily and, the very day that the fares for our date opened, I found the lowest fare I ever saw, so low booking Comfort was less than the usual economy. Needless to say, I jumped on tickets and have noted, even the next day, that the fares were never anywhere near that low price again. My recommendation is for you to monitor fares for a month or two and choose the flights you want. Find out the day your flight opens for purchase (I found this out from checking when I could book on the airline site) and book early that day. This worked amazingly well with Delta for us. Good luck!
  2. Don’t miss this earlier thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2623765&highlight=Binoculars I think weight is a very important consideration!
  3. When you leave the port area, there is a parade of taxis. What no one has mentioned is that there is a coordinator who matches what you want to do with cabbies. Look for him. We wanted to see primitive native art in Puerto Plata, quite nearby. We also wanted a cabbie who spoke English. We were told the cabbie spoke English - In actuality, the only English he really spoke was "my name is Raoul." But that really wasn't any problem. He was lovely and took us to gallery/store after store. Nice 3 hour diversion. I had downloaded several pictures from the web featuring the kinds of paintings I wanted to see and he hit the nail on the head as to the shops he took us to. I recommend you take pix of things you want to see in case you get a driver whose English is limited. It was truly a wonderful morning in an absolutely beautiful country.
  4. I was disappointed about how far we had to walk to the taxis after the pedicab let us off at the immigration area. If you really have walking/breathing problems, see if you can negotiate a ride to the taxi area. I would recommend $10 if you get pedaled there!
  5. I did a lot of review-reading on Amazon and initially ordered birding favorite Wingspan Optics Wingcatcher 8x42 weighing 1.5 lbs. for @ $130. When it arrived, I loved the clarity and functions, but, compared to my husband’s older, more-compact binoculars, I knew these were too heavy for me. I returned the Wingcatcher for the lighter Wingspan Spectator (8 x 32) at .94 lbs. who knew that 1/2 lb could make such a difference around my neck? These lighter ones are highly-rated, fog & waterproof, with a lifetime guarantee - and $35 cheaper. For me, the best reasonable binoculars are the ones light enough to effortlessly carry.
  6. DH has heart and breathing problems. How far is the walk from dock to taxis? Are there riding jitneys or carts to assist? Thank you.
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