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  1. They did at the ones I have attended. A very nice touch.
  2. Have been to the ruins from both ports. Both have interesting ruins. At CM you have a long bus ride. At Belize the bus rise is broken up by a boat ride. We also saw lots holler monkeys at the Lamanai site in Belize.
  3. I once had an up sale, a partial view balcony to an extended balcony for $16. seem like a good deal at the time but not so much. Now I always want an extended balcony if availible.
  4. I have changed to to higher grade room on 3 or 4 occasions and never had to rebook. Nor did I loose obc I got when I first booked.
  5. yes, just call and ask for one. We have had the same one for years and he has been lots of help. From what I hear not all PVP are created equal. Some are better than others.
  6. I resently had a VIFP offer and the other two parties in my group did not. Our PVP was able to extend it to those two parties as well. So its worth a try.
  7. We use a PVP and have never had a problem booking a 3 or 4 person room for the 2 of us. That is untill this last cruise. There where a lot of 3 and 4 person rooms open on deck 7 but no 2 person. No problem we thought but not to be. Our PVP said Carnival had got alot more strict about that. Our PVP said they would likely open up those rooms to 2 people closer to sail date and he could move us then. We booked same class on deck 8.
  8. I use a pvp to book. He can see all the avalible rooms as opposed to the normal 10 that one sees on web site. Often we book 2 or 3 rooms that adjoin. In order to do this we sometimes are blocked by a room rated for more than 2. The web site may not let us take that room but he can get it for us. We just call him when the price drops and it is adjusted right then instead of filling out the form and hoping it gets approve. Just lots of little things like this.
  9. Anybody know anything about this hotel?
  10. Just what I was looking for. Thank you so very much.
  11. Don't know yet but 7381 and 85 are both open the week I'm looking at. Thank you.
  12. Anyone know where to find which deck 7 regular balconies can have the divider opened on Carnival Glory? Thanks
  13. Everytime we cruise from NO there is something going on so that rooms are very expensive. Thus we always stay in Metairie. We have found it to be safe. We often catch the bus to NO street cars and to go back and forth between the 2 towns.
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