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  1. Why are they getting locked? Lots of folks are on the edge of their seats awaiting changes/updates in policies. We come to CC to get the latest info.
  2. We are coming into Belize City on RCCL in September 2022 and are deciding between 2 snorkel tours. Rendezvous Caye tour we read you don't get tendered in; the tour leaves directly from ship (wonder if that is true?). Hol Chan Marine tour we don't know; are you tendered into port first to meet tour group? Also would like to know how good snorkeling is at these 2 places. Has anyone been in the last 6 months or year, to rate the quality of the coral & sea life? We've read good about both, but a lot depends on how windy it is. We are comfortable snorkeling on our own and are curious too if after a guided snorkel on Rendezvous Caye you can go back out on your own during free time, prior to tour departure. It's been 10 years since our first time here, so we'd like to make the most of this day snorkeling. Any helpful feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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