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  1. Still waiting. Amazon is not the fastest service on the block.
  2. One rumor has her being transferred to P&O (Australia).
  3. Substitute "statutes" for "statues" in my previous post. (Too late for the edit button!)
  4. Both my wife and I often findthe Main Dining Rooms and Show Lounges cooler than we like. I always pack a cardigan sweater or two, and she packs a pashima.
  5. You would be better advised to turn the item into the Purser's Desk (Lost and Found). Some jurisdictions have statues re misappropriation of found property, even when well intentioned.
  6. Well, I'm chiming in late, but did want to say how much I have enjoyed reading this thread. If nothing else, you have caused many of us to re-examine our emotions. Thank you.
  7. Big fan of the former Renaissance ships - and particularly like how they are operated by Oceania, with open main dining room, "country club casual" dress code, no extra-charge alternative restaurants, NO art auctions, and NO ship's photographers.
  8. Learn something everyday! One of the web-cam sites also is porn - not ships' video cams!
  9. I still think an Oceanview is fine - I don't think a balcony is a necessity.
  10. Not at all unusual for a cruise ship to be be built under a "cover name", or sometimes just an assigned shipyard number.
  11. http://www.you.tube.com has many many ships' horns (whistles). You should be able to find one there you like.
  12. My tired old back likes the firm Princess mattresses!
  13. If the ship is pitching (think of a teeter-totter) the motion is more evident far forward, as the hull crashes down on the waves. If it is really wild, the aft gets a good shaking when the screws come out of the water! Gross generalization of course, but smoothest ride is usually midships, low in hull.
  14. Seventeen days too long for a cruise? I certainly don't think so. We've enjoyed several in the 14/30 night range. We haven't gone longer, as the Missus does not want to be gone for more than 30 days on any one trip! So be it. Packing is not difficult - you just to take a little (not a lot) more, and have laundry done once or twice.
  15. We could narrow it down somewhat if you shared the name of the ship!
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