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    A (very very quick) question...

    The cabin steward will move everything for you, the usually bring a hanging rail on wheels so you dont need to repack everything. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. supermouse

    Is there still a Terrace Grill on Oriana?

    No terrace grill option when we were on her earlier this year. Sorrento we did not enjoy, but can recommend ocean grill speciality restaurant, that was excellent.
  3. supermouse

    ARCADIA - Reassurance needed!!

    We have been on a number of voyages, sometime we pick up whats flying around, sometimes not, just like at home or work. My main bugbear which i have seen on countless occasion, even when norovirus has known to be doing the rounds, is seeing women not washing their hands after visiting the toilet !!!
  4. supermouse

    Victoria december 13th

    Its nice to know they dress the ship for christmas. nice to know people dressed really nicely, it makes the cruise feel extra special.
  5. supermouse

    Victoria december 13th

    we thought it would be a ghost ship too!!! still many cabin available. we have travelled on victoria before she is a lovely ship so looking forward to those xmas markets !
  6. supermouse

    Victoria december 13th

    hi we are on this cruise too. Cunard dont seem to have posted shore excursions to book yet should been posted 90 days before .
  7. I have read that that cunard are now offering obc for uk military both active and retired has anyone had experience of this and how you go about claiming it thanks