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  1. We’re sailing on Dec 6th Edge
  2. Great to hear from everyone. Happy New Year to all. This trip on the Equinox certainly was special. Busy 2018 coming up. Saiing 2 weeks from today on Silhouette for 9 nights. Daughters wedding at the end of June (last child out of 4 to get married). July will take us to Charleston, SC for a wedding. August we're taking our oldest granddaughter to Arizona for a Bat Mitavah present trip (Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Sedona, etc.). We just booked a quick 3 night preview cruise on Edge at the beginning of December and on 1/2/19 we go back on the Silhouette for 9 nights. I'm sure we'll also fill in as the year progresses. Larry and Sandy
  3. Just found this on Alamo website: Follow these steps when you arrive at Port Everglades (FLLP71) After exiting the cruise ship, please proceed to the shuttle bus/ bus pick up area. An Alamo branded shuttle bus will be available to take you to our rental location that is 1 mile from the port of call. Shuttles are running continuously during all cruise departures/ arrivals and all business hours of operation. If you have any questions or concerns during our normal business hours please call 1-954-524-8201 or after hours at 1-888-826-6893.
  4. I'll add to the discussion, for many years we have rented with Alamo at FLL pre cruise. The day of the cruise we brought the car back to FLL and they had a free transfer to the ship. On our last cruise back in Feb. 2017 we were surprised the there was no more free shuttle, they had opened a location in the port area (Eller Drive) and if we had retured the car there there would have been a free shuttle to the ship. Since no one had told us we just took an Uber from the airport to the ship, no big deal. We are sailing again out of Port Everglades in a few weeks and this time renting post cruise. I've booked the pickup location as Port Everglades and the drop off the next day at FLL. The car is costing me $39 for the 24 hour period. From what I've heard they will pick me up at the ship when we disembark, I hope that is correct. I also looked into renting at FLL and returning to FLL and it would have been $32....$7 less, however it would have cost me more than $7 to get back to FLL from the pier so I'm just going to leave it as is.
  5. Can't wait to see you and Tom again. Do you know if we filled the last 2 slots on the Moondance in Barbados?
  6. Did they "kick" you off or rather drag you off kicking and screaming!!
  7. Hi Debbie.....I'm sure you already know but I did post a link for this thread to our Silhouette sailing...hopefully some are following. Looking forward to hearing all about this trip as well as your other travels when we see you in 73 days!! Larry