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  1. Wow, you two are the ultimate world cruise veterans! Since you've traveled on HAL for your past world cruises, perhaps you could estimate for me how much you budgeted for your shore excursions on your first world cruise? I'm finding it hard to compare the cost of the all-inclusive lines (Regent, Viking, Oceanic) to the less-inclusive lines (Holland, Princess, Cunard) when I'm factoring in shore excursion prices. I totally agree with the idea of taking the smaller group tours formed through CC, and they're always a better experience and rate than the cruise organized ones, though I'm trying to estimate the most we might spend for tours.
  2. You bring up an excellent point and I'm sorry to say I know all too well the dangers of traveling too quickly from high elevations to low. I experienced the first of several lung collapses after visiting Machu Picchu and flying back to the States within 24 hours. It was a bad example for my question about overland excursions I think. And while I would love for my husband to see Machu Picchu, I think you're right about taking our time with a land tour instead at some later date.
  3. Thanks, Andy and Judi, for your thorough answer. I loved your website/blog about your previous cruises - it gave me a real feel for world cruising, as well as a very fair evaluation of the Princess WC I thought. A few more questions: When you did your Viking 2020 cruise, are you saying that although a tour was included in each port, you used your onboard credits of $7k to purchase additional, or more extensive tours offered by Viking? Do you have a ballpark figure on what a typical overland excursion goes for? Finally, did you also use any independent tour operators?
  4. My husband and I are considering a World Cruise for 2024, and I’ve been reading all the helpful information on this board about factors to consider when choosing which ship/line to book. I’m having a hard time trying to compare costs when it comes to shore excursions. It’s been pointed out that some of the lines include shore excursions at some, many, or all of the ports. What I’d like to know is what kind of excursions are included? Do you have a choice, or is it just the city-overview bus trip with a stop at the souvenir factory? And what if you wanted to do an overnight excursion – like to the pyramids, or Angkor-Wat, or Machu Picchu? I imagine those trips would be additional no matter what line you’re on. How can I compare, and how much should I calculate for shore excursions when they’re not included at all? Thanks for any/all information - Cathy
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