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  1. Sometimes I cruise just to cruise. Other times I look for an itinerary that is different. Anyone on the board know of a different port, itinerary, other then Europe, that carnival will be sailing to in 2020 or 2021.
  2. I have booked a B to B cruise in December. I think I am correct that each passenger can bring 1bottle of wine on the ship. So since I’m doing B to B can I bring two bottles. Each cruise was booked separately.
  3. jsscuba2

    Taxi or tour

    I am looking for the best and most inexpensive way to go from Ocho Rios to Ricks Cafe.
  4. Do Holland American North American fleet decorate for Christmas?
  5. jsscuba2


    Do MSC North American ships decorate for Christmas?
  6. I have sailed carnival about 40 times and have used the same Carnival PVP for most of them. The problem with her is she never calls me about new sailings , last minute cruises that I asked her to, special pricing. I always call her. Am I asking to much out of her. I know she has other clients. Does your PVP go the extra mile?
  7. My cruise ticket comes with the Easy Drink Package. I know it includes select house wines and two kinds of beer. It als includes select spirits and cocktails. Would someone give me some examples of select spirits and cocktails. Is champagne included in the package.
  8. jsscuba2


    I’m new to MSC so quick question. Does MSC have anytime dining for the main dining rooms. I looked for it when I checked in, but did not see an option for it,
  9. A number of years ago I booked a tour from a private individual who was the best guide ever. He took us around tha Amalie coast, Pompeii, but what made the excursion special was his personal touches. He took us to his home where we met is Grandmother and dog. Served us homemade bread and mozzarella and homemade lemon cello. I lost his contact information. Anyone out their know of this guise and his contact informAtion.
  10. What changes have you seen in carnival ships or programs food or bad. . Example. At one time Carnival had a top less deck.
  11. Thanks, This I what I was looking for.
  12. I have booked my first cruise with MSC and I have reviewing pages on CC to get the do’s and don’t and the how too’s. Is there a place on MSC web site that has FAQ’s or FYI’s. Or maybe there is a post on CC board.
  13. They will call you to see if you want to sail on a ship at short notice.
  14. Why is Fantasy still docked in Mobile. Ship should have left yesterday.
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