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  1. Leaving for the Flyer tomorrow and need a quick question. space under bed-how large (height) a suitcase will fit under. Your best guess
  2. We arv. Nice at 0845 from JFK via Delta. Have arranged trans. thru Star Clippers for rt. Think that is the no stress way to go. We are also island sailors and will pack using the layer method. But think the weather will be warm. We are 2 couples from NC
  3. justjoejj, also on the Sep 11-25. See you there. Just trying to figure out how to pack with either summer or Fall clothes. Maybe some of both. If anyone has been in the Med. in Sept, would be great to hear their advise.
  4. Yes, there is beach shade and also constant ferry back to the clipper. No problem doing what you want. how about a report on your med. clipper cruise. We are on the Clipper in Sept. and any info would be helpful.
  5. thanks for posting a reply-very helpful. Did find the site: insuremytrip.com and used that for quotes. Have bought. One interesting point: talking to some of the reps, was told that we had to purchase the full dollar amount of the contract. NO SO!! I am assuming $3,000 risk and this significately lowered the premium.
  6. Anyone have any either neg. or pos. information about trip insurance? Not buying from cruise line as its much cheaper to purchase direct. But, I am not sure it's worth the expense.
  7. Sched for the Sept Flyer Med cruise. ending in Monte Carlo. Have flight out of Nice at 1030. Is it a problem to depart Flyer and make it to the airport for the flight check in? Anyone with experience-ie, times back in Monte Carlo and etc.
  8. thanks for the idea for future search. I have also been on the Royal and a great ship and cruise was had. Just not sure what to expect with the med. cruise locations. We are mostly island travelers. thanks again
  9. 75 views and not one reply to either info. on Flyer or the Western Med. cruise area. Surely someone has some info or has knowledge of a web site that has more information to give.
  10. Can't let the mistakes continue: It should have read Fr/Italian RIVIERA Sept 11 departure and THINKING of taking the... Just could not let the spelling mistakes continue. Thanks
  11. Thinks of taking the free air offer for the 14 day cruise on Flyer. Any feed back on the Flyer and especially the cruise would be helpful. Have been on the Royal but not the Flyer thanks
  12. Sorry for the weeks delay in trip report. Actually, have nothing to report that has not already been posted POSITIVE about the Royal. Was a trip/ship that exceeds all hope. Only negative was the stop in Martinque which should not be on the agenda. Had many more Americans than I was led to believe would be on board. All in all, a good mixture of American, German, England and a few other countries. Everyone in a good "let's go sailing" mood. Tips: make revs. on your own to places like the Savanah and save $$. The Savannah was extremely helpful and polite-opposed to the reports on this web. ?? If I can answer any specific question, let me know
  13. Just returned from the Royal out of BGI and will try to post a report soon. Any thing I can answer for you?
  14. thanks for the reply. After hearing it for a week, it will stick for some time to come. Just returned late last night and this is recovery day-from airline travel- and will post info. next week. But, will have to say that I can't think of anything to report bad about the experience and found most negative statement here to be either fixed by Star or were not really a problem in the 1st place. ie, someone just was having a bad day. Will def. do another trip with the Royal or should I do one of the smaller
  15. Will post a review asap but need the name of the song played when releasing the sails. We all thought it was from the Hunt for Red October-not Great trip and ship.
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