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  1. So if the itinerary states departure is 4 pm than you are saying all aboard is 3:30 pm
  2. If the itinerary states you are at port 7 am to 4 pm is the all aboard time 4 pm or is earlier than that.? Or is lt 3:30 pm and ship departure is 4 pm
  3. Thank You for Checking on Luggage Valet I hope they have it for our Cruise Early March
  4. Most people who have been on symphony have stated they have not seen it, so if you do I would appreciate as much information on you can provide Thank you ‘enjoy your cruise I am jealous as it was 11 below this morning
  5. No cruise that I have been on have I seen this i have only sailed RCL
  6. Thank you ‘I hope it will be available when we go in March
  7. Anyone on the ship recently see anything on Luggage Valet ? We like this service and since we are flying out late 8:30 pm we really would like to use the Valet program. We are flying out of Miami
  8. Anyone ever done this RCI tour with Mia airport drop off What were your thoughts
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