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  1. So I tend to run cold and always bring a sweater or something light with me to dinner during the summer in case the air conditioning is cranking and makes me uncomfortably cold. How cold do they keep the inside of the Symphony? You know what I mean, right? Have any of you who have sailed her ever thought to yourselves, “it’s cold in here”? Trying to finish my packing! Thank you!
  2. Thank you! I was just confused because on the RC app it says “Remember, you must bring your original travel documents to the port” just above where you can press “View SetSail Pass”. I guess that’s referring to my passport?
  3. Do we need a PRINTED Setsail pass? Or can we just use the one I can show them on my iPhone and have them scan that bar code?
  4. Any recent news about Divi? Also interested in possibly taking a taxi there from Phillipsburg after our jet ski tour around 1pm. How long should someone plan as far as time for the taxi back to a 5pm all aboard?
  5. I have been looking at prior Compasses and don’t see any movies at the Aqua Theater. Has anyone been on Symphony lately and found movies during the cruise? It looks like they were running them when Symphony was first put in service. Are they running something else on the screens there when Hiro isn’t happening? Thank you!!
  6. Thank you for your review! We were initially booked on this cruise, but had to reschedule to October. We’re staying in a CLS for the first time and am curios which one you were in. We’re in 1704. How big was your balcony? Was there room for 2 loungers or any other furniture on the balcony? Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for your information! Did someone walk up to you while you were eating at a table? Or did they approach you when you walked in or were deciding on your food? And was the person carrying anything that might give away that this is a person making these offers? Sorry last question 😬 did you see this happening anywhere else on the ship? Thank you again!! I really appreciate it!
  8. What are those shots? They look yummy! Loving your report! Will be on Symphony in a couple weeks in 1704. Can’t wait to stay in a CLS L1! Thank you so much for your efforts!
  9. Was that at any restaurant? Or one in particular? Thank you!
  10. Does anyone have any experience to share on the Symphony?
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