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  1. Hi Guys, Is it better to get a Japanese sim in Japan than use our prepaid Telstra phone. We have about $300 credit on our phones that we can use from overseas but as are going to be there for 1 month, I wonder if thats enough. We get free wi-fi in our hotels and I know theres hot spots but we're mainly going to use the data for maps and translator if needed. Is it easy to get a sim in Japan and the cost of course. I believe there pretty cheap. I have googled and searched and theres so many different opinions out there, I thought I'd go to the people who know. Thanks in advance Pauline
  2. Hi, We went to Cuba with RCL and they organized the visa. We had to fill in what we were going to Cuba for and I think we were advised to tick something about cultural experience or something to do with people. I think from memory you bring back 2 or 4 cigars because you are going back into the US and you have to abide by their rules same with rum. Havana Rum for a 1 ltr bottle was only something like $7 usd. We only stayed overnite but it was a fabulous place. We went to the Museum but not much was in english but a great place to visit. We loved Cuba and we will go back if possible. We did everything on our own and we had a great cruise around in an open huge car. We went to the Havana show, I cant recall its name but a great night with all the show girls and music. You get a full bottle rum for four people and four bottles of hot coke. Great night we just brought tickets on line and got a taxi there and back for nothing really very cheap. We organized for the driver to wait and he did. The people were nice and we would definitely go back. We felt safe all the time Hope this helps Pauline
  3. Hi, I'm not on this cruise but we are doing it next year 2020 and just having a quick look. We have been to Aqaba and have done a Petra tour with a Local company which was absolutely fantastic, couldn't of asked for a better tour. But my sister and her husband did Wadi Rum and Petra in the same tour. Theirs was longer than ours as they visited Bedouin tribe as well. Be warned that walking back up the Petra road to the bus was exhausting and it wasn't really hot. Its on a slope so can be a bit difficult. Take plenty of water as there's no shade. Dont be afraid of doing a local tour with a reputable tour company, have a look on tripadvisor they give great advise and you can read the reviews. Hope this helps Pauline
  4. Thanks so much its pretty much what I sort of found out but nearly everything you read is different. Very confusing Thanks again Pauline
  5. Hi Guys, I am from Australia and I am getting confused as theres different information for different countries and what you actually get with the packages. So does anyone know what you get with Classic... do you get beer, wine and soft drink at dinner time or nothing. Premium ... do you get a free drinks package, I know you get a better position of cabin. Do you have a different dining room or just the MDR. As I said I have looked on different Costa sites and they vary with what you get. Very confusing. So if someone can please help that would be great. Thanks Pauline AUSTRALIA
  6. Hi McCanberra, No it was actually just the cruise, which surprized us no end as USA is definitely cheaper on every other cruise. Perhaps Costa is trying to get into the Aust market, but it was surprizing it was $1000 usd dearer for a couple than Aust. Pauline
  7. Thanks for the advice but this cruise hasn't nearly any balcony cabins left. A cruise company had a deal for balcony $5499 with a FLY/STAY/CRUISE DEAL, it was sold on the first day it was advertised and they have it offered now for $5999 and when I rang they only had a few balconies left on that one. We ended up going with Cruise guru and the price was as stated, even our agent in the USA couldn't match the price which is strange as he usually beats it easy with more perks. Thanks for your help Pauline
  8. Thanks guys, we arnt expecting much so hopefully our expectations will be exceeded. And as stated by MicCanberra they go to fabulous places and are reasonably cheap, at least they don't add free drinks package that's really included in the price of the cruise and keep their prices low. I like to choose if I want a drinks package or not and I would rather pay less for the cruise. I guess if we have to pay for water at meal times its still a cheap cruise and the places we will visit will be amazing. Just a thought you hear of people taking large quanities of bottled water on board, I wonder if that's allowed on Costa. I believe they have a water card (I think I read it somewhere ). But its the places I like and Costa has many good cruises out there. And if we flew to all places it goes and add food ect it would be way above $10,000. So I will write a review when I get back. Thanks again
  9. Thanks for the help, yes the cruises go to some terrific places so I guess the rest is what it is. Pauline
  10. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anybody has been on Costa MEDITERRANEA or any Costa ship lately. We are looking at a 27 nt cruise from Mauritius in a balcony for only $7003 for the two of us. I have read a few reviews but they dont answer the questions I need answered. 1. Do they allow smoking on Balcony's ( I hope not) 2. whats the dining food like 3. do they give you water at meal times free , not bottled water but usual water in your glasses. 4. Activities on sea days 5. can you get coffee and hot water all day from the buffet like on Celebrity and the other cruise lines 6. do they have afternoon tea ect Costas site is terrible for info. I know you pay for what you get but if its really bad I'd rather do a shorter trip with some other cruise line but it does go to some fabulous places. Thanks in advance Pauline
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