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  1. I risk being booted off for saying anything, but I am certain many are thinking it. I feel that berating this poster verse and chapter is a bit excessive and heavy handed on the part of the forum admin. I recall, when people were still cruising, that cruisers were increasingly taking their roll calls to a Facebook page because it was just getting too exhausting to do so much as organize independent excursions without being scolded like school children by CC. I understand the need for rules and guidelines, but the tone does not need to be so harsh. Maybe you could just lighten up a little. Afte
  2. I thought if you cancelled 3 months out before final payment that you could get your deposit back. I booked once with Cunard and cancelled and that is how it worked then.
  3. I would not book an inside room until there is a vaccine for Covid just in case something goes wrong and you are stuck in there. Casino noise might be the least of your problems.
  4. Much worse if it was above a theater which I would not do at any price.
  5. Celebrity Edge-- Concierge Suite This cabin category has a separate bedroom, but it is listed as for 4 persons. Does anyone know if the sofa in the living area is a pull-out ? Thanks
  6. You can google "low single supplement cruises" and that could lead you in the right direction. Hopefully what I just said is allowed.
  7. I have never sailed on Silversea but I did go on Regent Seven Seas (ONCE). It's another one of those luxury cruise lines. Clientele is quite elderly and not really a fun crowd. older people can be fun. These folks were not. Alot of regulars on these lines and they tend to be self promoting- which is the most charitable way I can think of putting it.
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