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    Bus tour time?

    Several posts have referred to a bus tour for $20 that takes you around the island. Are there set times for this tour? Our ship will be in port from 8am to midnight. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me, or if there’s a web site you can point me to. Janet
  2. Last year I had the Classic package as a perk, and when there was a sale on the upgrade price (before sailing), I was able to upgrade for the sale price. The gratuity was only on the additional amount I paid. I think the sale was 20% off.
  3. Last year we docked at 6 in Barcelona and I walked off around 7:30. I had a 9am train, but I got to the train station so quickly I could easily have made a train at 8 or 8:30.
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions. I decided to call Celebrity, and they told me it was a credit for an overpayment - originally triggered when they applied the Go Better package to my account. Apparently that did something to the invoice so that I did not receive the the sale price on the cruise. I've had to contact them several times when I tried to change something on my reservation through the website, which in turn messed up the entire reservation/pricing, so perhaps this is a result of one of those incidents.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I booked directly with Celebrity, and don't have a TA. When I looked at my order history it seemed fine. The only thing that has changed is what shows as the price of the cruise, which is $180 lower than on all my statements from Celebrity. It's strange because the price of the cruise has gone up a lot, and long ago, just after I first booked, there was a price drop that I took advantage of. Even if the price did drop, my understanding is that since we're past final payment there would be no refund.
  6. I wish I were going on a B2B! But I’m afraid that can’t be it either. Definitely a mystery.
  7. Another good idea, but I bought them all with OBC, and none were that expensive.
  8. That occurred to me, but the ports haven’t changed, and I didn’t pay that much in total for all of the taxes and port fees
  9. Today I received an $180 credit on my credit card from Celebrity, and the price on the cruise in my reservation is showing as lower than before, even though I am only 45 days out and long past final payment. The price of the cruise is now much higher than what I paid, so it can't be any sort of "best price guarantee." I could call Celebrity, but worry that they might realize it was a mistake and add the cost back on. Before I do anything, has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks, Janet
  10. Thanks everyone! It sounds like it would be fine, so now I just have to decide how early I want to wake up and when I want to get to Madrid. Although I’m staying in a hotel, I’m mainly going to visit a friend, so an early arrival won’t really be a problem. And I agree that it can be sort of depressing to hang around the ship on the last morning. Janet
  11. Our ship (Celebrity Eclipse) docks at 6am on a Saturday morning in November.and I want to take the AVE from Barcelona to Madrid. Is 9am too early? I know it’s a quick trip to the train station, but am a little worried the ship may dock late or there are other possible delays I’m not aware of. Would love to hear about any experience anyone has had with this. Thanks, Janet
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