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  1. I did find the statement Carnival sent about Cancellation and OBC and uploaded it. sorry it may be difficult to read. About OBC it basically states if you continue to sail with them they automatically apply OBC to your sign and sail.
  2. I prepay every thing and bring around $200 in gift cards to load on my S & S card. Looks like I'll have extra.
  3. Just waiting for the e-mail. I'm booked on the Pride sailing May 17. I'll gladly take $200 OBC. The only reason I wouldn't go on this cruise is if Carnival cancels.
  4. Was on the Legend once cabin 8223. Two decks above your cabin and on the other side of the ship. Your cabin is next to the elevators. I didn't notice any difference in the amount of noise, if that's what your concerned about. Good thing your next to the elevator, less walking. enjoy your cruise.
  5. Don't understand the up front payment. It's new to me. What if you book and change you mind?
  6. Here's my question, on the Pride where is Muster station "C" located. I can't figure out the carnival web site out. It is very informative with some things, lacking in others. For example, Where our the muster stations located, currant menus, currant bar prices and other things. Granted I may be looking in the wrong places. Thanks..
  7. Alchemy Bar Quality Control Officer, Taster. 🍸
  8. IMO common sense. If you have anything booked in that part of the world I'd consider canceling. What do they say, "In abundance of caution".
  9. In Cozumel, Nachi-Cocom. Short cab ride to a beautiful beach. You can hang on the beach with chairs under Tiki style umbrellas Waiters serve cocktails that never empty. Huge pool and a hot tub next to the pool. Which is next to the bar where your bar tender pours lovely shots all day. And you're served lunch which is really good. $59 per person 16yr+ $45 for kids. Check it out on line. Enjoy
  10. It really depends on what and how much you drink. Higher end booze cost more and of course lower end cheaper. For example, you have the drink of the day, few beers buy the pool, an afternoon cocktail, before dinner cocktail, wine at dinner,after dinner drinks and the night cap. It could be $50 to $70, more or less. If your a big drinker or buying rounds for people it'll be a lot more. Been on 13 cruises and my first 9 (before the packages) my bar taps ranged between $700 and $900. To answer you query, I have spent more than what a package would cost me.
  11. I been in Cabo San Lucas a bunch of times and seen cruise ship sail in into. It's kind of cool to see. They don't dock, it's a tender port. The ship just anchors and depending on the tide just drifts around where it's anchored. What I've noticed with two days in Cabo it's not an overnight stay. The ship sails at 6:00 pm and returns at 7:00 am. The ships casino can't open while. That may have changed, but I doubt it.
  12. All of the cruises I went on it was always ship time no matter what time zone the ship happen to be in. Just check with what ever excursion you book with. And bring a watch and set for ship time.
  13. I also check how many ships well be in the home port. Docked in Miami once the port was packed, getting a taxi was a pain and the airport was packed.
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