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  1. So far it hasn't happened to me. Lets us know if this happens again.
  2. I cruise on Carnival and I'm Platinum hoping to reach Diamond. I have 101 days at sea 99 to go. Gettin' old, hope I make it.
  3. I've walk from Penn station to the terminal. It's a nice walk on a nice day, nearly 2 miles. I've taken the A train to 50th street and walk over to the port. However, dragging luggage around town can get old fast. Taxi or car service best bet. Have a great cruise.
  4. Beach bum that's a good idea, better than dragging a 12 pack around. I guess carnival is pushing their bubbles program.
  5. I once thought of buying a bottle for my cabin then I got hit with sticker shock. The bottle of whiskey I wanted was almost double what I would pay at home.
  6. Never liked Pepsi, always been a Coke person. I guess if I want a Coke I'll have to bring it(not) or wait til I get to port. However not a deal breaker. They stop selling beer, I'm out.🍻
  7. Before booking any Apartment, condo or house from any of the online sort term rental sites. Do research. Read reviews. P.S Airbnb is not illegal in NYC. There are restrictions. They can not rent multiple apartments or condos at the same address.
  8. And a google search Packing for Bermuda November
  9. Just doesn't sound right. I also booked a solo and added another person and was charged taxes and fees. Give a call back. It's possible the person was new or misinformed. Good luck and please let use know how things went.
  10. Pics from 5/2012 out of NYC. Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. Statue of Liberty and the Staten Island Ferry.
  11. Always enjoy watching ship set sail and return to port. Some pics of the Miracle 2012 out of NYC.
  12. Amy great question, Joe great answer. Thanks. I don't understand why Carnival does not post their menus. Been on 13 cruise and up until two cruises ago they had the same beer menu and for the most part, bar menus. That also goes for most of the food venues on aboard, free or not. I know menus change but most stay the same for years at a time. Just post the menus. I'm a Carnival customer that has to go to other websites to explore what my cruise line is serving. At least they tell us the itinerary is. Thank CC and other sites.
  13. I'd would also throw in swim trunks. I always cruise with a back pack with the essentials. Once (second cruise) my checked bag didn't arrive until dinner time.
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