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  1. Take your point Hank and yes it would be ideal to get off in the heart of any city / location but not everyone can afford the smaller ships which can be much more expensive than the larger ones. As I said I actually enjoy the larger ships and all there e tra restaurants and amenities so accept that will mean like in Bangkok and Vietnam you will have longer journeys into the cities etc. It really boils down to personal choice. The one thing I would say is the larger ships do open up the cruise market to a wider audience and that can only be good for the future of cruiseing, as some of these passengers will move on to other lines and types of ships.
  2. Could not agree more with those last comments fully believe its now time to live again.
  3. It looks as if it's more about the cruise company's rules than the Government or Local authorities because as has been demonstrated a few times since cruiseing restarted in Europe there can be two ships at the same port and one has ship only excursions and the other has passengers able to walk off. Just more confusing rules with very little real Sicence if any behind them.
  4. Glad you liked it, and fingers crossed you get to Rio in 2022 it a amazing city and onethat will not dissapoint.
  5. Great city to visit and a popular one for both ocean and River cruises. Some ideas on what to see and do. http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2021/01/bruges-and-its-port-zeebrugge.html
  6. Always find these are very good way to get a feel for a city and to ID places you want to explore in more detail.
  7. Copenhagen booked again for next year fingers crossed I get to refresh my memories and update my recommendations.
  8. http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2020/11/review-of-celebrity-transatlantic.html My personal blog about a great Transatlantic cruise we enjoyed from Barcelona to Buenos Aires.
  9. Here is a review of a Western Mediterranean Cruise we did on Celebrity Reflection. Hope it is of help to you. http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2020/12/review-of-western-mediterranean-cruise.html
  10. Agree with you it is a great city to visit for a few days, we have done that and enjoyed it. Also it is a good base to explore the wider Valencia region.
  11. No issue with small ships and yes it's obvious they can dock in smaller ports and access more places than the larger vessels but it takes all kinds to be honest I enjoy the amenities on the larger ships its good that there is choice out there at least on the larger ships you don't need to be stuck in someone's company you may have zero in common with !! All for choice and accept that all sizes of ships and all lines have something to offer a wide array of passengers. Its good we are not all the same.
  12. First time we used him there were 6 of us I would ask him if he could hire a larger vehicle for the time he did that for us but therecis a extra cost.
  13. Yes he went with us, and ensured we were safe plus gave great personal commentary on what you were seeing and experiencing he also got us priority tickets at Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer. On top of all that he was also able to secure us bookings at a Samba Show and then a fantastic Brazilian restaurant right on Copacabana Beach. He is a one stop shop for Rio and really will go the extra mile to ensure you have a wonderful visit. Can't recommend him enough.
  14. Yes Miriam they have been and like you I have been in contact with him during this horrible time, thankfully last time we spoke a month or so back he was seeing some more positive news and outlook for himself. But as we both agree if anyone is visiting Rio in the coming years he really is a brilliant guide and ensures you have a wonderful trip.
  15. Sounds great we will return to Brazi. and Rio as we had such a interesting and fun time on our last visit it really has wetted our appetite to see and experience more. Enjoy you trip whenever it is you get there.
  16. I can highly recommend a personal guide who will take care of everything for you, we have used him twice in Rio and he really was excellent. You can find all his details in the Rio section of TripAdvisor under Gus the Guide However his e mail is gusguide@hotmail.com If you have a read at this review of one of our trips there it will give you a idea of what he can provide, the trip below was like you after we flew there from Buenos Aires http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2020/10/rio-de-janeiro-carnival-city.html
  17. Sorry Tom Uraquay is a place I have still to visit.
  18. Yes Papa we did, we went to Iquazu Falls for a few days after Buenos Aires, we toured the falls on both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides before spending a day in Paraguay just because we could not really much to see there but the falls are themselves are brilliant and we'll worth seeing . Then we flew from there back to Rio where we met the guide I mentioned in the review ( Gus the Guide who comes highly recommended) and with his help over the next few days saw much more of Rio and its surrounding area. We had a truly great time there so much so we are determined to go back once this current situation stabilises and we are able to.
  19. You will love it, sea days are great the ship puts on extra events to keep you as busy as you want or you can simply lie back and relax, glad you liked the review it seems so long ago now but still great memories.
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