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  1. I bring them because they are organic and they add a lot of water to their oats. But they said their oats are vegan. And I like steel cut.
  2. Hi, The Serenade went very well. For breakfast: I brought my steel cut oats and added nuts. I asked for Almond milk, it was a little hard to get but then not a problem after that. Lunch I just went to windjammer and made a spinach salad Dinner I talked to my head waiter and they did a great job on getting food for me. It was mostly indian because that is what I requested. Just made sure there was no butter or cream. I can't remember all I had but the other thing I requested were lentils. All the flavors were great. I would then go to the windjammer and eat a salad if I felt I needed more veggies, then I would get some fruit for desert. Also, if you go to the windjammer they will let you know what has cream in it. They would also stir fry me some veg's in the windjammer if I needed it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm going on the Vision in June to Europe so we will see how it goes, but so far so good.
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