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  1. maybe I should have used the word required ā€¦ sounds like wine for one is something that has to go in your carry on. Just wondering if anything else. Thanks!
  2. That would definitely be easy! But with a family of 4 and young kids Iā€™m not carrying all that! šŸ˜‚ we are going on the pride for 8 nights and see you have cruised the pride a lot! Any insider tips? Lol
  3. Good call. Also, can you pack the wine you bring or do you have to carry it on?
  4. Is there anything I need to actually carry on with me on the ship versus keep in my luggage? (Other than travel docs and meds.)
  5. Anyone know of a boat excursion with snorkeling that doesn't go to stingray city(we have done this 3 times)?
  6. Hi! Trying to decide between these two: Daniels Monkey/Sloth Park - $200 for 4 of us or West Bay plus Monkey/sloth Add on through DiscoverRoatan.com for $289 for 4 of us Has anyone ever done it through discoverroatan.com and thought it was a good deal? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone done this with a company they recommend? Thanks!
  8. I think you have all convinced me - when in doubt - take more days! lol! Thanks all!!
  9. Hi! I'm agonizing over which cruise to book. Can you help? LOL So we are going over Thanksgiving either Carnival Paradise out of Tampa 5 nights(2 stops Cozumel/ Grand Cayman) Carnival Pride out of Tampa for 8 nights (Intinerary below) Day 1: Tampa depart 4:00 PM Day 2: Fun Day At Sea Day 3: Cozumel arrive 8:00 AM - depart 5:00 PM Day 4: Costa Maya arrive 8:00 AM - depart 5:00 PM Day 5: Belize arrive 8:00 AM - depart 5:00 PM Day 6: Mahogany Bay arrive 8:00 AM - depart 3:00 PM Day 7: Grand Cayman arrive 10:00 AM - depart 6:00 PM Day 8: Fun Day At Sea Day 9: Tampa arrive 8:00 AM I love the sound of 8 nights/more time and its not significantly more expensive, but we have two kids 6 and 9 - who do love cruising(they have been on one RCCL small cruise ship in early 2020). Do you think the Carnival Pride ship has enough to offer my kids won't get "bored"? There are 5 itinerary stops, so that in itself im sure will keep it going! Just wondering if anyone has been on either of these and has any thoughts on pros/cons for either with my family. Thank you!
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