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  1. Well thanks to the first response we are good to go with the drink package. Wondering about the overall NCL experience. Being Platinum with Carnival there are some perks but it sure would be nice to experience other cruise lines. We are not the party type, we do like our shows/entertainment. We miss the Broadway style shows Carnival use to have. Does NCL offer good entertainment? Hopefully no up charge? Thanks
  2. Hi, We have been on 28 cruises with almost all being Carnival. The only NCL cruise was 2003 on the Star out of Hawaii. I am very comfortable/satisfied with Carnival but we have been on the Glory too many times and we want to cruise Jan 2024 without having to travel so NOLA is our choice. Since we are taking a Carnival Alaskan cruise later this month and another in April I am looking at the budget a little. NCL, We get a total of 2 drinks a day so not worth the "free" drinking package since the gratuities come to $300 plus. Approx how much is an average drink if you pay per drink? Not looking for specialty dining, I assume the main dining is a good option? Confused on end of cruise gratuities. Carnival charges a certain amount per day, does NCL? Or is it like the old days and you pay what you want to who you want? So far customer service at NCL hasn't been too accommodating. I was assigned a rep that I can't understand, I only speak english. Overall experience for those that have traveled Carnival vs NCL, which are you more satisfied with? I am talking the entire experience, food, service, entertainment, embarkation etc. Thanks in advance!!!
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