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  1. Will the surf internet package be enough if I just want to keep in touch with family at home. Mom is in hospital moving to rehab while we are gone so I’d like to be in touch with my sister. Can I text with my sister if I have iPhone and she has android? Also can I check email. I only have phone ...no iPad or laptop.
  2. If you purchase the 3 night dinner package when do you pick the restaurants and times? How easy is it to get your choice?
  3. Cruise is 7 nights....we do like our veranda room location so I think we will keep our room and do a few specialty dinners. Thank you for your input!
  4. We can move to Regular suite for $1200 per couple or Aqua for $200 per couple . Is it worth moving to a suite? We have early dinner and prefer anytime.
  5. I really wasn’t looking to buy insurance and cancel but to buy it in case we had to cancel if mom doesn’t pull through.
  6. We cruise in 32 days and mom fell and broke shoulder and hip, has dementia and has probable lung cancer. She is 81. Not sure that I will have to cancel but wonder if I have options this close to cruising.
  7. We sail Friday on the Silhouette. I noticed in the cruise planner the upgrade to Premium is $10.80 per person per day. Is that with gratuity? If so it’s a $7.20 savings time over booking onboard.
  8. It showed up in our cruise planner as 10% off at $62.10 per day....We have the classic package and they would not let me upgrade at the sale price which would be a difference of $3.10 per day + 20%. We would love to upgrade to premium plus but she said no to that also.
  9. I called Celebrity and they would not le upgrade at the sale price. They quoted $10 a day +20% gratuity. Is it worth calling back to ask someone else?
  10. I received an email from Celebrity about a beverage package sale and I have the classic included as a perk. Can you upgrade before you go paying the difference at the sale price?
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