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  1. Thanks for the info ! Good to know I don't need to exchange any currency for a short stay.
  2. We will be in Nassau for a day. It is necessary to buy local currency ? Are there ATMs available at the cruise terminal ? thanks !
  3. It was cooler than I had expected. Cabo was still comfortably t-shirt and shorts weather. Mazatlan was shorts but we had to put on light jackets as it was quite cool. Puerto Vallarta would have been t-shirt and shorts but it rained heavily the whole day and all we did was to get drenched and we headed back to the ship. But PV was definitely on the warmer and muggier side of the three ports. Evenings were very comfortable.
  4. We would like to take a water taxi from the Cabo marina out to see the Arch. What type of pricing should we expect either per taxi (we have a group of 7) or per person ? Just want to have a ballpark so that we are not over-paying. Thanks !
  5. Thank you everyone ! Yes, we are definitely bringing some warmer wear for the ship itself. Appreciate everyone's advice. We are so excited ! 🙂
  6. LOL thanks Hank ! Love the oven mitts anecdote. Luckily we don’t need to check long range forecasts as we will be there in a week’s time 😉 But I just wanted to a get sense of what’s it’s like on the ground currently.
  7. Looking forward to our cruise in a week's time. For folks that just returned, is it still t-shirt / shorts weather in Cabo / Mazatlan / PV ? Want to get a sense of the "real" weather vs what I can see on weather websites.
  8. Woah ! That's a nice view of the ship too !
  9. Thanks @Former Non-cruiser and @canadianbear ! So it's pretty much get tickets and go downstairs to wait for the ticket number to be called ? The reason I ask is that when I sailed on Celebrity (10 years ago !), people would line up at 7AM to get tickets first and then go to the exit much later (after breakfast etc) when they ship actually arrived in port. But the HAL process sounds like the lining for tickets is very close to when you get off the boat.
  10. Question for recent cruisers that just returned on the Oosterdam - what is the process for getting tender tickets for Cabo San Lucas ? thanks !
  11. Best of both worlds !!! Username checks out. 🙂
  12. Thanks for the update Nancy ! Very happy to hear that you enjoyed your cruise ! We are really looking forward to it.
  13. We are off on the Oosterdam in about a week's time. Can anyone share what movies are being on shown in the screening room ?
  14. Thanks ! I didn't think Lido is made to order right ? I thought it was buffet style ie. pre-made and you scoop it yourself ? I guess except for things like omelettes and the like. Good tip re the closing hours for the MDR, I better check that out. We have 3 days at sea, so trying to figure out how best to start the day with a good breakfast. 🙂
  15. Thank you everyone for all your perspectives on this weighty matter. :). @CruiserBruce Agree, I wasn't looking for a right or wrong answer but trying to understand the pros and cons of both options. And everyone's thoughts on this have given me a better picture. MDR definitely sounds like a "better" option for at sea days, for a more leisurely start to the day. I hadn't considered the timing for port days, so that really helped especially if we want to get off the ship early, Lido would be the best.
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