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  1. Acturally it was supposed to be the Star that went to the Philipines. But the Star has some engine problems so they are taking the South American crews to South America istead.
  2. I got this from my friend on the Royal Princess, who told me that the "Royal Princess was not cruising to Alaska in 2020" makes sense in that Alaska and Canadian ports are closed until at least July and Princess will not be cruising until then or later. Maybe they will continue to cruise to Mexico. But it is very hot in those ports in the Summer months. Greg
  3. I think it would be more cost effective if the Star would also pick up workers from other CCL Corp ships. If I find out more I will pass it along. Greg
  4. I just learned from a crewman on the Royal that the Star Princess will sail back to the Philippines with Philipino workers from other Princess Ships. I believe the Royal and possibly the Grand. It is a good idea especially since it is so hard to book chartered flights. Plus Princess is paying these workers. Greg
  5. No, I have a friend who is on the Royal now. He held his phone up to the screen so I could hear and see the announcement. Princess is still paying all employees according to their contract. However, next month they are reducing the amount by 50%. Contract entertainers are still being paid, but Princess would like to get them home. Greg
  6. If anything, this virus might force people on cruise ships to wash their hands after restroom visits. I am sure all of us have seen pax leave the bathrooms without washing hands.
  7. Jan Swartz just gave a televised announcement to all ships where she informed Princess employees that there would be a hiring freeze, and an elimination of contract jobs. They are also having a problem securing chartered flights to get employees to their home. So they are exploring the idea of using their ships to get employees home. It was a very good talk piped into all the cabin tvs on the ship, Royal Princess. Obviously they have to stem the outflow of money at a time when they are seeing no income (my words) Greg
  8. I like the Emerald better. We booked xmas and NYE on the Emerald, Dec. 20,2020. I have never been in the new locks, saw them being built over the years. I like the Emerald better because I have had some good cruises with that ship. Greg
  9. It will probably be 30 days from cancellation before you see the FCC. But you can still book the cruise you want to. Greg
  10. Option #1. I booked the same cruise, South America that I had to cancel. I have been with Princess for 69 cruises, I do not intend to abandon them now. Things will be back to normal, the stock will go up. Greg
  11. I have 69 cruises on Princess. I will be cruising on Princess as soon as ships start sailing. I am booked on the March South America from Buenos Aires to FLL. Greg
  12. Southwest will extend the travel credit for another 6 months but they will deduct $100.00. It is worth it to pay the $100 instead of losing much more. Greg
  13. I really believe the US govt. will give cruiselines a waiver to the Jones Act. So they will not have to stop in Canada. Cruises that leave from Seattle or other mainland ports can simply go to Alaska or return without having to stop in Victoria or Vancouver. Greg
  14. Just back from a T/A on the NS. Great ship, great cruise. BB Kings was great, all the entertainment was very good. Theater in the round was very good and different from most cruise lines.
  15. I was on the Veendam right after the first refurbishing when they put in that terrible pool aft. The pool leaked all the way to Vancouver. When the ship made a turn all the water overflowed. No air conditioning. Fortunately HAL got rid of the Statendam another piece of junk. The new ships are very good but the old ones are past their prime. The Prinsendam should have been kept in the fleet. Of course this is just my opinion but the new ships that HAL is building are really the future of the line. Greg
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