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  1. We had a November 2020 Caribbean cruise on one of the Big Girls booked. However, after much thought, i canceled it today. We have cruised for years and been to many ports. We go for the ship anyhow. My biggest concern is being stuck on the ship for an indefinite amount of time if the COVID-19 breaks our again. I can not imagine being stuck on a ship and quarantined in a cabin for weeks like many have experienced. After a (normal) cruise ends, I am ready to go home again. !!! We will cruise again, but it will be next year !!!
  2. Thanks to all that replied. I appreciate it.,
  3. Can someone tell me bed placement in the following cabins on the Harmony. Cabin 14176, 14182, 14184, 14186.
  4. Does anyone know is Vintages Wine Bar is on the Symphony of the Seas or was it eliminated? Thanks.
  5. Can someone tell me the bed placement of Cabin 14174 & 14580 on the Harmony of the Seas.
  6. Can anyone tell me the bed placement of these two cabins on the Symphony of the Seas . 14182 and 14184. Thanks so much.
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