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  1. Why did they take this option away.. I had friends and family that I travel with that were listed and now I can’t list them.
  2. You are correct.. we had booked a suite on one of the 7-day Hawaii sailings and I received overwhelming savings! This is truly one to best sales NCL has offered in quite a while. I am truly grateful!
  3. Your are correct. I actually saved $1800 (suite) on a 2020 booked cruise! I saw this promo on another 3rd party site and check NCL to verify it’s validity. I was sooo happy to get this discount. My TA had to contact NCL to update my booking because of the type of stateroom. My son has an OV stateroom and he saved $800! This was one heck of a sale.. I am happy someone posted the alert to the dale.
  4. We travel with three very often.. and it works very well for us! Not to mention the cost effectiveness when splitting the reduced 3rd person cost. Just got back from a South American cruise aboard Celebrity Eclipse. We were in a concierge stateroom with a balcony. The two beds were separated and there was a double sofa bed. The bathroom was major spacious and we LOVED it! We were upgraded to concierge from veranda because the price of the cruise dropped.
  5. My friends and I just sailed on the Eclipse in March this year in Concierge Stateroom and the bathroom, shower (no bath), sink, cabinet space was WONDERFUL! And there were three of us sharing a cabin.
  6. I sailed in the Family Suite about 4 yrs ago and my friends (a couple) had an Oceanview stateroom. NCL allowed them to priority board with my family and allowed my two friends to eat with us daily in the Suite restaurant. In fact they were extremely nice about it! I hope this has not changed. I am booked on the POA again next year in a Family Suite during November and my son and a friend will be with us in a different stateroom.
  7. Well, personally having my sign & sail pass scanned for a towel is no problem for me.. but I am responsible for only me.. no children to keep up with. Like some or several have mentioned.. it is so inconsistent that I don’t know how the cruise line could make a charge stick anyway. Thank being said.. I am glad I am not sailing on RCL.. they seemed to have really gotten strict in recent years.😱 I will be bringing a non-surge protected “square” outlet that also has USB ports. I travel with two girlfriends (3 women total!) and if they don’t want us to bring more power .. so to say.. they should install more than two outlets in a stateroom.. for goodness sake.. imho. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  8. They will confiscate a power strip if it is surge protected (on most cruise lines). As far as the towels, generally it is the deck towels you must sign for in blood that incurs the $25 fee if not retuned.
  9. Hi! I am going on my first Celebrity cruise and I have been researching the drink packages (pros vs cons) and the benefit of upgrading to premium. I ran accross a some information you may find useful.. pics of all the bar menus on the Eclispe anyway. Congratulations and Enjoy your Honeymoon 😊 https://eatsleepcruise.com/2018/06/celebrity-eclipse-bar-guide-with-menus/
  10. Perfect!! Thank you so much for your post..
  11. Thank you, I was wondering about this. This will be my first voyage on Celebrity. If you don’t mind may I ask the dimensions of your luggage that you were able to fit under the bed?
  12. Celebrity’s website is MEGA annoying and burdensome! It always says its lock for security. EVERYDAY!??? 😳🤨
  13. I received my Evisa!! WooHoo! Thanks EVERYONE for sharing your experiences... They weren’t crazy about my photo, so I emailed my photo to the link provided in the email asking for further information (like everyone mentioned) and in two days I had my Evisa!
  14. Thanks for the update..... but Are you saying you got your Evisa back within 28 hrs?
  15. I’m very happy Safari worked for you. Not sure why it didn’t work on my iPad. I didn’t attempt it on my Mac though. Although, I can’t say it was super easy.... I am thankful it was changed to an eVisa also.
  16. I didn’t get to speak with anyone... but you are right.. I have Apple EVERYTHING and until I downloaded Google Chrome to my iPad, I was spinning my wheels for about three weeks. The problem is with Safari, it allows you to go so far and then it gets loopy “literally” keeps taking you in a loop back to the “apply” page. After downloading Chrome, I finally uploaded my photos through trial and error , paid my fee and now waiting in hopes everything is accepted. Thanks everyone for the advice and information.
  17. Me too! Did the site ever work for you?
  18. Does anyone know if the Brazil.vfsevisa.com site still works? I have been trying for three days on my iPad Pro and it stops after I enter my passport information. I kicks me back to the “apply” page. Any advice is welcomed.
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