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  1. diasbias

    Has anyone used Sion Tours in Cartagena Carlos Mora

    I would email Dora and ask for her recommendation and go from there. I would trust her as she comes highly valued.
  2. I am sailing on Jan 8 - 15 out of Montego Bay. Just wondering if there are any other CC members on this cruise? I am trying to organize a Cartagena excursion with Dora the Explorer and she says I am the first to contact her about this cruise. I can't afford a private tour and would like others to join. Hopefully I can get enough to join and make a wonderful excursion for all. Any interested parties?
  3. diasbias

    Boarding day, getaway

    Is wifi available (free or purchase) while waiting to board?
  4. diasbias

    Best Way to Book

    I was just at a Celebrity presentation and the rep said that you are better to book with a travel agent than the line itself because large travel agencies book large blocks and get good discounts. The larger the travel agency the potential larger discount. If you use the TA they get to know you and can offer better services tailored to your needs and likes.