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  1. Stateroom was 9237 and it was a three day cruise.
  2. We know the op travel dates and probable list camera travel dates, the itinerary, the ship, the ports, etc. Assuming the prior cruises were the same destinations, and length of travel as prior cruises. I will search the Roll Calls and List and Found when I can. Trying to find the cabin number. It was on NCL Norwegian Sky March 2018. I am hopeful we we can find them! PS More on protecting your camera. We like the idea of a photo of your contact information.
  3. Lol, we are amateur sleuths who do this for fun. You can’t believe how many cameras we returned to their owners after years of being lost. We are trying to get the man who contacted us to create an album and post all of his pictures other than ones with children of course, but he hadn’t done it yet. Still trying to get more information from him I think his departure date was 3-9- 2018 but of course this would be from the cruise before is our one before that. I’m not counting on NCL or NCL lost and found to help. I am counting on someone among the members of this huge group to maybe have traveled with them or know who they are. But I appreciate every bit of help I can get from you guys. Not wanting to make this go viral just reaching out.
  4. Here are two photos of the passengers that apparently lost their camera.
  5. I am a co-admin on a Facebook page. One of our members recently posted about finding a camera on a cruise a year and a half ago. Their ship sailed March 9, 2018 and it was called the NCL Sky. The wife packed up their belongings and didn’t realize until unpacking at home that it wasn’t their camera (it was just in the closet with their belongings.) His wife presumed it was his. Apparently this camera was left in the cabin from the cruise before theirs. He contacted NCL lost and found and other departments and NCL apparently checked the cabin number for four previous cruises and no one reported the camera lost or missing. If I were NCL I would’ve contacted the last four occupants of that cabin. If anyone can help search the lost and founds or the NCL roll calls, it would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps one of you lost your camera or know someone that did. I will check in here and hope to find some responses, ideas, tips, or help. Feel free to private message me if this forum allows. And if I get more details I will post them here. Right now there are two photos and I could post them here, but waiting for the member to post more pictures
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