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  1. Do you really expect me to go through 5566 pages of posts? Maybe you have time to sit reading message boards all day? Sorry but I do not have unlimited free time on my hands!
  2. Yes of course they will last longer. But if I don't even use that much what is the point in paying more? Just to subsidize others? Let the ones who use it pay more for the privilege!
  3. What point am I missing? Happy Hour from 5-8 is more than enough to drink for me. I never use up all of my allotted internet minutes. Gratuities are only about $15 which I gladly pay and additional as well. But the surcharge is far more than $15 per person per day. So why should I subsidize your drinking and internet usage? If you want all inclusive go Azamara! Or offer a choice of either as does Princess. Only ONE Princess tier costs more @ $40 for all inclusive.
  4. As a loyal Celebrity cruiser and Elite Member, I already receive Happy Hour unlimited drinks and FREE Wi-Fi. Now they have raised the prices to include what I have worked hard to earn? So I am paying extra for Nothing! My benefits have not increased. My fare has not decreased. We all need to address Celebrity about this loss of benefits and perks. Princess has a similar pricing plan. However they offer 2 tiers. With all inclusive benefits for more money. And less benefits for less money. So much for being a loyal member. Time to switch cruise lines?
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