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  1. We are traveling BA to Chile in March, so I’m assuming fall weather. I was figuring packing summer wear for Buenos Aires, but what about around the Horn? Should we pack like an Alaskan cruise?? Also, is there anything you would recommend packing that you either forgot to pack and wish you had or were so thankful that you packed?
  2. There were about 40 people on the boat. I don’t really have any pics. It wasn’t very crowded though. Here was the sister boat in front of us.
  3. We just returned from our Thanksgiving cruise and it was our first time in St. Maarten. While yes, some of the island wasn't in ideal shape from the hurricane, a lot of it was still nice. In fact, out of our 5 ports, St. Maarten was hands down our favorite. We took the water taxi over to the shopping, then took a real taxi out to Maho Beach (Airport Beach). We had lunch at the Sunset Bar & Grill, which is huge now! (My parents have been a lot and said it was all new). The planes landing overhead was so fun. Wait for the KLM from Amsterdam and the JetBlue from JFK. I thought the experience was better when you were in the water when the planes were landing. If it was a jet, it felt like it was going to just come right into the water. Would highly recommend! Loved it and cannot wait to go back! Plus the water was beautiful!
  4. If your kids enjoy travel, I would really recommend taking them to airport beach. This was our first time and having the planes land over your head was so fun!
  5. We hired a taxi at the port. It was $9pp if you have less than 4 people, otherwise it would have been $7. The drive out to Cockleshell beach was very pretty since you can see the Atlantic and Caribbean. The beach was nice, although some of the other ports (Antigua and St Maarten) were prettier. The snorkeling was decent - even saw a stingray! We went to Reggae Beach on Cockleshell Beach. Our driver came back and met us when we told him too. St. Kitts is very pretty and I would recommend getting out of the port. The port had fun shops, but it wasn't overly cheap and most of the stores had similar stuff.
  6. We just returned from a Celebrity cruise that stopped in St. Lucia. We did the Coastal Cruise to the Pitons. It was a great shore excursion! We cruised through Marigot Bay and stopped at a different area that had some snorkeling and a great little beach. We were only there for 30 minutes. The cruise out to the Pitons was beautiful and I would highly recommend it. The staff was friendly, the catamaran wasn't overly crowded, and the Pitons were 100% worth it to see from the water.
  7. We took a taxi from the port to Alleyne's Bay (by the Lonestar restaurant). This is where a lot of the snorkel trips go to find the sea turtles. Unfortunately, we didn't see any turtles, but we were able to swim out to the boats and look around. The beach was beautiful and the area was very nice. The Lonestar restaurant is pretty fancy, so we rented beach chairs ($7 per chair) from The Top Deck, which was next door. They had a full bar, restrooms, and really friendly staff. Since it is about 20 minutes from the port, we would have had to either call a cab or take the bus. The bartender took us out and showed us where to pick up the bus. It was $1 per person and they accepted USD. The bus took you directly into Bridgetown. You get off at the Terminal, which is obvious because it's an outdoor bus station. Then you walk across the street to the water and walk to the port, probably about 0.5 miles. It wasn't far or a long walk. I would take the bus again as it was actually really easy. Another thing that I would do in the future is going shopping around Holetown. It's a very cute town with a bunch of shops directly across from the beach.
  8. conbon78

    What We Did

    We hired a private taxi at the pier. The driver was very friendly and nice, but I wasn't overly impressed with Antigua. It was $40pp and there were 4 of us. We asked to spend an hour at a beach, which was beautiful. We drove through the rainforest (not eventful). The road condition was poor. The town at the other side where the tourists go was very nice, but if I had to go again, I would just take a taxi to a beautiful beach. The color of the water was amazing.
  9. We just returned from a 10-night Celebrity Reflection to the Eastern Caribbean and we did an excursion in St Lucia. We don't normally as I hate excursions, but I was super impressed with this one and would highly recommend it! We did the Coastal Cruise to the Pitons and it was really amazing! The staff was friendly, the boat wasn't super crowded, you go into Marigot Bay, and get to see the Pitons.
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