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  1. mavis2222

    VIP Self Assist COMMON SENSE!!!

    Have you tryed to use a walker and drag a suitcase at the same time? Cant be done unless you tie the pull out handle around your waist and tow the suitcase behind you like a trailer.
  2. mavis2222

    VIP Self Assist COMMON SENSE!!!

    And, if you like to drag along your own luggage I have never seen anyone from any cruise line confiscate luggage that someone wants to schlep around themselves on debarkation, no matter what time it is. The point of that comment was. When people try to carry to many things at once, they have a tendency to drop stuff every few steps and the whole process holds up the line as they stop and pick things up again.. Its not because they risk confiscation by the cruise line.
  3. mavis2222

    Carnival Ripp-off

    Yea.. Less people on the ship to deal with..
  4. mavis2222

    Displaying Carnival Pins

    I have all of them pinned to my Tux jacket collar on one side (10 of them). this one comming up will be 11 for carnival.
  5. mavis2222

    Deck chair infringement- get out of our faces

    I would of got in wearing my Speedo. She would of moved or left. That is how I empty a hot tub. Most people dont like guys wearing speedos in close proximity expecially a hot tub and it dosent matter what body type they have either. :D
  6. mavis2222

    Flip Flops

    Hey.. Remember me? we talked on the Glory board several months ago. You kinda talked me into booking this cruise, Ive been booked for several months now. To bad your not going with us. You sound like a fun person.
  7. mavis2222

    Orionid Meteor Shower, FYI

    make sure you view it from the front part of the ship. there will be very few lights on and will be very dark to see.
  8. Glory Does NOT have the same spa services as the newer dream class ships. They have the seperate steamrooms and saunias in the male/female lockerrooms and the hot tub in the gym which was added a few years ago. All these are free to use.
  9. the GS I had on the Paradise was quite nice. Had the large sitting area with the family room sized sectional sofa and a decorative divider between the beds and sitting area, and a jacuzi tub in bathroom and a large 2 person vanity sink. The 2 OS on V deck on the Inspiration and the Fantasy was nicely decorated and with with accent lighting which was very nice compared to other cabins on those ships. Even though the balcony is nothing to brag about, I still enjoyed it and wont hesitate to book another one. Also you get what you payed for. When you see a big price differnace between Carnival and other lines for the same type of cabin, dont expect the same quality. (Carnival= Days in) (HAL, Celeberty, Crystal, NCL, ETC= Holiday Inn, Ritz, etc)
  10. mavis2222

    pool closed while in port

    Probably a "Baby Ruth" bar..:D.. That is a bad joke to do on a cruise....:rolleyes:
  11. mavis2222

    Why do people hate "waiting" while on vacation?

    By the end of that 5 minute wait after the doors open, Im just walking in. So there is no wait involved.. Im seated at my table still before most have even been handed the menus yet.. I got my food in plenty of time without a long wait. I just time myself so I walk in just as the line dissapears.
  12. mavis2222

    Why do people hate "waiting" while on vacation?

    I wonder for the OP if all the lights at the intersections stayed "green" for them so they dont have to wait.. And that last 1 mile to a exit there isnt a slow moving truck in the right lane that you cant pass for the last mile..:rolleyes: Afterall... There on VACATION!.....:D
  13. mavis2222

    Why do people hate "waiting" while on vacation?

    There is one line you dont have to wait for.. MDR.. Reserved table.. Instead of waiting in the crowds of people in the hallway waiting for the doors to open. just leave your cabin 5 minutes after dining room opens and then there wont be any lines. Just walk right in and sit down.. :rolleyes: As far as tenders go.. Dont take the "very first" or 2nd second one. After that, there are less lines if any.. Also when coming back to the ship.. Dont wait till last minute when lines are long.. Instead come back couple hours early.. as far as Embarkation goes.. Show up at the terminal after 2-3 pm.. I heard its about "dead" by then. Just walk right on.... And last but not least.. Travel light.. and do "self assist" and carry your own luggage off. They usually go first and there are less people to deal with.. It works most of the time.. That is my 02 cents worth. Oh yea.. I almost forgot... If none of the above dont work out for you.. When you do finally get off the ship, go straight to a Yaught Dealer and buy your own boat with crew and go enjoy yourself without anybody holding you up in line......
  14. Dont mean to "hyjack" but i just wanted to share some pics of the Piza Tower when i was up in it back in 1989 while in Navy. taken from distance, notice all the people up there? Taken from 6th level and no rails. Cant belive they let people up there for safety reasons.