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  1. Dartmoordan

    Is Island Really that Bad?

    So pleased to read this we are booked on the Island for 28 days next April from LA to Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa we were torn between Emerald and Island but dates worked better for us on the Island. We loved the Caribbean Princess so hoping the Island will be the same standard which ever ship we cruise on we always enjoy it.
  2. Dartmoordan

    Will I find Fred Olsen too smokey?

    We have been on Braemar a few times and smoking wasn't really a problem, not so many people smoke these days and there are areas on the open deck which are dedicated to smoking it is not allowed in all areas. I would advise to check cabin layout as some cabins on the ships don't have room to have beds side by side some are arranged in an L shape but we really enjoyed the ambiance of a Fred cruise very much like a country house hotel.
  3. Dartmoordan

    Happt Christmas Everyone!

    Wishing everyone a very merry christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
  4. Dartmoordan

    Bus Crash In Mexico Involving Equinox Passengers

    Such sad news, my thoughts are with all those families affected by this terrible tragedy sincere condolences to all. Sam thank you for taking the trouble to post at such a terrible time for you
  5. Dartmoordan

    Marella newbie, how does it compare?

    We have done a few Thomson cruises and enjoyed them but not yet done P and O setting off very soon on that one though. We found Thompson's very relaxed they had one formal night for which about 50% of people dressed for these days I think it may be dress to impress. The dining is all freedom and you can usually find a table for 2 if you don't mind waiting although we tended to share and met a few characters along the way. We did find the shows very good in the evening and there was a band on deck most days. other entertainment tended to be quizzes and bingo we didn't find any cooking demos or visits to the galley on our cruises if the itinerary was right we would definately use Thomson again.we had a balcony cabin and had Clarins toiletries which were replenished once during our 7 night cruise in our outside it was standard shower gel shampoo form the same bottle of the wall. Hope this helps.
  6. Dartmoordan

    Adonia - Azamara Pursuit

    We priced up a similar cruise on the Pursuit and it worked out to be double what we paid for more nights with P and O we honestly could't justify the extra money. Which is a shame as we do prefer smaller ships.
  7. Dartmoordan

    What made you decide to start cruising ?

    A 25th wedding anniversary surprise cruise on OV1 since then we do at least one a year and have tried many different lines, trying P and O for the first time this year so looking forward to it.
  8. Dartmoordan

    Southampton Harbour Hotel

    Thanks for posting this we had looked at the hotel as we were thinking of doing a ex Southampton cruise but decided against it opting for a fly cruise instead. We have been from Southampton before and will again with a hotel stay the night before so one off the hotel list.
  9. Dartmoordan

    Lunch in Barbados

    Tides is fabulous and looks out on the sea but about 45 mins up the west coast, champers is also great there are quite a few in st Lawrence gap you can look up places to eat on the net. Little good harbour also has a great little restaurant but again its quite a way from the port. Another that comes to mind is Lone star.We have never had anything but exceptional food in these restaurants.
  10. Dartmoordan

    Countdown clocks

    Thank you for all your advice I have found the edit signature box but it still hasn't worked I'll try again tomorrow but it is only 46 days now so going down nicely
  11. Dartmoordan

    Countdown clocks

    I appear to be a bit lacking in the editing department I tried what you advised but could.t find the bit where you could change the .co.uk ?????? can you help????? Many thanks for any advice received.
  12. Dartmoordan

    Countdown clocks

    Thank you for this mine has disappeared as well I am going to give this a try here's hoping :):)
  13. Dartmoordan

    Buying toiletries at airport

    Our December cruise will be our first P and O charter but we have done other charters and scheduled for cruises and land based trips and can honestly say we haven't been stopped from taking a carrier bag from the duty free shops. I think it may be different if you turn up with a weeks shopping but I don't think you are planning on that :):) I'm sure you will be fine with some toiletries.
  14. Dartmoordan

    Buying toiletries at airport

    All the times we have flown your duty free bag is allowed on they do not check hand luggage as you board. I have never had hand luggage weighed but I do only take a small bag and a hand bag. just usually Kindle, glasses and medication, maybe a swimsuit and flip flops and documentation. Have a great cruise.