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  1. Hi, we will be in Long Beach next October 25 and 26. Is it Hot enough to swim (swimming pool or ocean)? thank you.
  2. Thank you. I will keep my cabin 😁
  3. Here's what I read on cc reviews: « Every night on the main pool deck there was a party with the music playing full blast. Both rooms vibrated until 12 almost every night. We didn’t sleep for 4 of the 6 nights on the ship. I’m for everyone partying but I want to be able to retreat to a quiet place to sleep. So basically center ship DO NOT STAY on deck 12,13,14 or 15 unless you don’t want to be sleep. I did complain a few times and finally got some help with the DJ bringing down the level days later. It was crazy that they would turn the sound all the way up with only 75 guest on the deck that can hold 1,500 plus. Doesn’t make sense ».
  4. Thank you. Someone wrote that we heard soinds and the music at the deck 13 - 14 and 15.
  5. I read that we heard the sound of the party pool of Deck 14. I have the 14182 cabin... should change for deck 12? Thank you.
  6. Where do you look in your Cruise Planner. My cruise is for September 2020.
  7. Rhodes. Tsambika beach. It was wonderfull!
  8. Thank you. I will be in Hawaii in September 😁. Today in Montreal
  9. I was planninf a cruise to Hawaii from September 18 to 28. I'm still hesitating because of the Hurricanes ☹️
  10. Thank you. I was planning an Hawaii cruise from 18 to 28 September 2020, But the Hurricanes were making me hesitate. You'll have to reassure me.
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