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  1. We have used luggage valet many times and it is the best $$$ spent. No searching at the cruise terminal, dragging through customs and checking at the airport. So nice to see our luggage on the carousel at O’Hare. Mahdnc, safe travels as you make your way back to cold and soon to be snowy Chicago. We board Reflection in 21 days and your photos and commentary have made the wait more exciting. Thank You. Toni
  2. Tough decision, sweets or wine. Could you take your dessert to the wine tasting????? Toni
  3. Love Luggage Valet and have used it every time it is available. So nice to travel to O’Hare without all that baggage and see it at the carousel. I too have the same Cruise Crtic loading issues, doesn’t recognize me initially. Still enjoying your travelogue, makes me feel like I’m almost there. Toni
  4. We’re much closer to the city in Park Ridge, not far from O’Hare. I have family near you in Mundelein.
  5. Chicago fans are eternally optimistic. And even if they don’t go to the Super Bowl we will be on a wonderful 14 night cruise in the warm and sunny Caribbean, instead of cold, snowy and gloomy Chicago. It will still be a great Super Bowl party. What part of Chicago are you from? We’re in the NW suburbs.
  6. We watch the game onboard and frequent the bars. And of course wear our Bears jerseys. May help their chances if they get a new kicker next season. Toni
  7. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and commentary. We will be boarding Reflection in 31 days with another group of Harley riders, our 9th year in a row. Looking forward to meeting another Chicagoan on our 1-31-20 Silhouette 14 night cruise. Toni
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