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  1. Just a few from our 2015 Freedom cruise.
  2. Just a few from our 2015 Freedom cruise.
  3. Great review,would it be possible to post a picture of the Alchemist?The alchemy bar is our favorite bar.
  4. In June the Alchemist should still be Svatava and Vasco.They are both really good but Svatava is amazing,she can make you drinks that are just WOW.
  5. Any of the hot soups,lobster,flat-iron steak,salmon or just about any fish,banana split
  6. Say hi to Svatava and Daniel at the Alchemy Bar for me.They are great.
  7. The Basil Drop or just about any thing the Alchemist wants to make up.:cocktail::cocktail::cocktail::cocktail:
  8. My favorite bar is the Alchemy Bar in the evenings and favorite drink is just about anything that they make but if you get to know the Alchemist then they will make you something just for your taste.This last cruise on the Breeze(Jan.7-14,2018),Svatava made me a drink with blue berries and it was WOW so good.She had me name it, so I named it the Blue Czech since she is Czech.All of the bar tenders that we have met at the Alchemy Bars on the ships have been the best and really make it fun.
  9. I can't answer your question but am also wondering the same thing.This next cruise will be our 1st time to Ocho Rios and really want to buy some more Blue Mountain coffee.
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