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  1. Another thing to consider regarding Viking vs Crystal is, if you’re a solo traveler, you pay as if there are TWO in the stateroom. I have booked three ocean cruises with Crystal and, depending on how close to sailing, the single supplement can be as low as 25%. That is a huge savings. In addition, the final payment is due 3 months prior, not 12; premium wines are not extra; and gratuities are included in the cruise price. Crystal does not not have guaranteed “included” excursions, but I’d rather spend the $$ I save on a small group tour anyway, than be driven around in a bus on a “panoramic city tour.”
  2. Terrific, detailed review. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences!
  3. Dear islandthyme, I have also sailed with both Holland and Viking (river and ocean). Like you, I am also “...young for my age, adventurous, liberal, and irreverent.” And a solo traveler.😎 You will feel very comfortable on VO. Cindy
  4. Hi Mike and Betsy, Thank you for the warning! Being from Massachusetts, I’m not a fan of high heat and humidity at all. But I am looking forward to seeing the falls from both sides. Curious...were mosquitoes a problem? Cindy
  5. Hello fellow segment #2 travelers! I am doing the Viking-sponsored four night excursion to Iguazu Falls. My flight Boston-JFK-Rio arrives January 21 at about 10:35am. Is there anyone else on this forum who is also on this pre-cruise extension? Cindy (also posted on roll call for segment #2)
  6. Maybe it’s a BYOB cruise line. sorry, couldn’t resist! 😎
  7. i recently received an offer for the Viking Visa credit card. No annual fee, two $100 shipboard credits upon meeting purchase requirements, and 3 points for every Viking purchase/booking. Reward points can be used on Viking for any onboard spending, including prem. beverages, spa, shorex, gratuities, merchandise. For me, this is competitive with the 3% “discount” with e-check. Comments?
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