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  1. Hi ClevelandKid; You’ve hit on my one and only criticism of Viking - 100% single supplement. I am a solo traveler, and to cruise with Viking I have to “buy” the entire stateroom, in other words pay as if I were two people. I do not want to share a cabin with someone I’m not related to, so I have had to find other companies to whom to give my business. I have heard that there are occasional specials with Viking, but I’ve yet to find one. Good luck to you and your friend! Cynthia
  2. I noticed on MVJ an option for using “luggage forward” service to get your bag(s) to the ship without lugging it/them through the airport. I am considering this because I’m doing a 4-day pre-cruise extension, then joining the ship for my South America cruise. I can get away with a smallish carryon for the early part, but will need more, i.e., warmer layers and sturdier shoes for the actual cruise. Any first-hand experience would be much appreciated. Cindy
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