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  1. Major uncertainty in Argentina today following the election yesterday. The BBC have a good account. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49323553 If you are visiting in the near future, you may want to follow this.
  2. We were there for three days during Carnival. A lot is closed. All the museums, art galleries etc. are closed all week. Many of the shopping districts are closed. We went to a block party with our guide and most of the shops for several blocks around were closed but there was one small supermarket open and several vendors selling hot dogs, drinks etc. around the square.
  3. We used https://www.bsas4u.com/en/ for a tango show when we were there overnight. They picked us up and returned us to the cruise port. They have quite a few options to consider.
  4. I am hoping that will work, I just prefer to have everything done before leaving home rather than bother strangers.
  5. Thanks. We have not used Costa before and with other lines, we always were able to print our documents well ahead of the cruise.
  6. I booked through a travel agent who told me she would not get the tickets etc. until 2 weeks prior to the cruise. Unfortunately we are leaving home before that and will be travelling in Europe up until the cruise. I hope I can print them somewhere on our travels.
  7. Yes, I know, I have heard it before. It was not intended personally. They also call Uruguay the Switzerland of S. America making some believe it has mountains. It only has a few small hills, most of it is completely flat.( It was a reference to the banking laws which don't apply anymore.)
  8. Not as dirty and run down as Paris. Did not see all the beggars on the street the last time there like we did in Paris. To me, likening Buenos Aires to Paris is an insult.
  9. 10% is the norm in restaurants in most of S. America but check it has not already been added to the bill. Shore excursions? We were recently in Brazil and went on a number of excursions . We were the only foreigners and none of the Brazilians gave a tip and none of the guides or drivers seemed to expect one. We took a week bus trip with local Uruguayans to Iguazu Falls and at the end of the week, the other passengers collected a tip for the driver and guide. I thought $5.00 per day for the two of us for the guide and half that for the driver was appropriate but they said No, no ,no. and gave most of it back saying it was way too much. I still would give $5.00 US for a full day and $2.00-3.00 US for the driver if that is a different person and $2.00 - $3.00 for a half day guide is plenty for a couple, especially if you are with several other people. Wages down here are often less than $5.00 US an hour. Most guides and drivers are being paid a reasonable wage - the governments down here have set minimum wages for jobs which must be adhered to.
  10. Thanks for this. We are on the Pacifica this November from Savona to Buenos Aires. Sounds like we will have a good trip.
  11. We are there too with Costa in November. If you look at the tours they offer, it might give you an idea of somewhere to go on your cruise. I assume they only go where it is safe. https://www.mycosta.com/en/personalize/costatours-shore-excursions.html
  12. BagPort South Africa, the original company that provided a luggage storage service at OR Tambo International Airport, has changed its name. It now operates as Ateck - from the same premises down the escalators at the main exit of Terminal A arrivals, on Basement Level 1, going towards the Parkade 2 (South). Costs are : (NB : CASH ONLY! No Cards Accepted.) 0-5 hours: R70.00 6-12 hours: R80.00 12-24 hours: R90.00 24 hours or more: R90.00 per day. Open 24 hours, every day of the year. Contact details : Tel : +27 (0)11 390-2318 Ateck does not have a website at present I believe the price is per bag.
  13. You could talk to Marcelo at DoBrazilRight. He arranges a lot of cruiseship tours and might have a tour guide available.
  14. We went to Entabeni Safari Conservancy ( Ravineside) http://legendhospitality.co.za/stay-with-us/entabeni-safari-conservancy/ and enjoyed it. We were on a stopover between Montevideo and Shanghai and went there for three days two nights. We booked it through http://www.bst-tours.co.za They picked us up at our hotel in Johannesburg, drove us to the Lodge - about three hours or so north and picked us up at the end and dropped us at the airport. for our next flight. Esmirelda was very helpful and made some good suggestions regarding the times etc. depending on our flights. I thought the time spent there was just right - we would not have needed longer there but perhaps could have visited another Park if you want more days. We had all our meals included and two game drives per day. We enjoyed it a lot. We were there at the end of February, I am sure they could tell you if they get many children there, it did not seem to cater to children especially.
  15. Interesting review, thanks for doing this. Am I right in thinking your cabin was in the stern? I am looking at a cruise from Abu Dhabi ( Costa Diadema) and wondered about a stern cabin. Any comments on that location?
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