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  1. Things are going well in Uruguay - we have "only" had 20 deaths and things are slowly opening although shopping malls are still closed and the borders with Argentina and Brazil are closed and people are mostly at home although today families are allowed to get together and primary schools are open. Flights are not happening still except for cargo and to repatriate people from abroad. But I still get ads from LATAM encouraging people to book flights and I can book a flight from Montevideo to Lima for July so I would not give up hope yet. Both Peru and Ecuador have more cases though than we do with less testing and Peru had over 4,000 new cases today and 131 deaths while Ecuador had over 1200 cases and 94 deaths in the last 24 hours. I think it still a wait and see.
  2. Sounds like a good decision. You never know until you try something. My father would never fly, he avoided it his whole life -trains, boats, cars, buses all fine but not planes. Fortunately, cruise ships can be more easily avoided than planes these days.
  3. Have a look at https://www.tangol.com/eng/ It might give you an idea of the options. I cannot say anything about this company as I have not used them myself. Where it says enter your destination just put in Chile to see various day and multiday trips.
  4. We already had a cruise booked for the end of November from Abu Dhabi on the Diadema, I am hoping it will go ahead but will wait and see.
  5. Can you explain a little more? Were you nervous about being on water? Have you been away from home often or was this a new experience? You mention you did not feel safe, can you explain what you were afraid of? It is a shame you did not enjoy your cruise. Were you in an inside cabin with no window? Who were you with? Have you enjoyed other types of holidays? Not everyone find cruising relaxing, maybe a cruise is not for you.
  6. We did a similar tour and were not that impressed. Strangely enough, some friends of ours decided to just stay in town and when we met up with them in the evening, they said how much they liked Puerto Madryn and could imagine living there. We could not see anything there to recommend it but each to his own.
  7. Today's papers are reporting the government has told port authorities not to allow passengers off a cruise ship in Punta del Este and the ship is to remain out at sea.The story indicated the ship was coming from Argentina. It was not named but carried around 3000 passengers. It is probably a Costa or MSC ship which spend this time of year down here doing short cruises between Brazil and Argentina with stops in Uruguay. There are also reports Argentina is suspending flights from the US and Europe.
  8. -Argentina announced yesteday that visitors coming from China, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea and the United States will be subject to a mandatory 2 week quarantine. There aren’t many details available on this yet, but if you don’t have a method of quarantining once you arrive, you may be denied entry into the country and sent back to your country.
  9. We did this on the Norwegian Sun in 2016. Most of the passengers were older, only a handful of children. Many were from the UK, Australia, NZ and some N. Americans. A few from S. America. It was one of our favourite cruises. There was a very informative guide onboard who gave talks on the ports coming up with a slideshow. He also made himself available early in the morning up on deck to identify birds, sea creatures etc. The ports were interesting, we especially liked the Falklands - not all ships stop there and at times the seas are too rough to tender in. We learned a lot and saw beautiful scenery. We were hoping for rough seas around the Horn but it was very calm.
  10. It is not Brazil that requires the vaccination as they have yellow fever. it is the country you go to after that. This site is updated daily. https://www.iamat.org/
  11. Yes, quite common. A friend of mine had her gold chain necklace ripped off in Argentina. Another common way for people on scooters is to grab your purse or bag as you walk along. Just keep away from the curb and keep a good grip on things or wear a purse across your body.
  12. It might be worth looking at https://www.insuremytrip.com/ You can find coverage comparisons and prices including CFAR coverage depending on various requirements. The site is recommended by AARP.
  13. Today's paper here says Brazil is analysing 300 suspected cases. The infectious medicine specialists here in Uruguay are saying that it will be here sooner or later and the public health systems here are preparing themselves for an outbreak. All the countries down here have good public and private health systems - I would just make sure you have adequate medical coverage in case you need care. it isn't expensive but it isn't free either for foreigners.
  14. Anne, You mentioned some time ago that Emirates passengers could use the bus service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport. I am leaving a cruise ship in Abu Dhabi and have an Emirates flight booked the following day from Dubai.( I am staying one night in Dubai so would then get a taxi to my hotel from the airport.) Would I be able to use their service even though my flight isn't till the following day? If so, do I need to book the bus somehow or just show up at the bus station with my tickets? Is there a better alternative - my hotel is near the Dubai airport? Thanks
  15. If you stop at a nearby country to Argentina, try to get all the different currencies you need. In the summer Argentinians come here and take what they can in UY pesos out of our ATM's. They probably go to a Cambio and convert it to AR pesos or maybe USD. Many ATM's here are empty especially on the weekends over the summer as well. Many supermarkets here have a Cambio inside as well as large Malls. The ATM's were all moved inside as robbers were blowing them up. Most do not carry USD - some do during business hours but the machines contain a dye pack and when blown up, the money cannot be used legally or returned to the US for replacement so the Banks limit the hours USD is available.
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