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  1. Thank you. We were very glad my parents were healthy enough to go.
  2. You are welcome to it. It was kind of a happy accident. I took a group shot and noticed I was reflected in it. I decided to see how it looked if I went in really close and I loved the result.
  3. After that it was off to the airport for an uneventful flight home. Thank you to those of you who followed along. It has been fun reliving the cruise. If I find any more good pictures or think of anything else, I will be back to amend my review.
  4. Our tour guide to KSC joined us on the bus and was with us until the end of our tour. She was great at facilitating my Dad and has wheelchair and for the most part it went very well. If you do this tour be prepared to do a lot of walking. The tour was very fast paced and we wished we had had more time at some of the buildings. Especially the building where we ended up eating lunch. You basically had to chose between eating and viewing the exhibits and at the Atlantis display, you had to choose between the displays and the simulator. I went with my kids on the simulator and while we enjoyed it, I wish we had done the exhibits as it takes app 25 min. Overall, it was well worth the cost, both in terms of the quality of the tour and ease of airport transportation. Future space shuttle
  5. We woke up early on Sunday morning and had breakfast in the Windjammer at 6 AM. By the time we left the Windjammer, it was crowded. While our cruise was over, our vacation was not quite done. At my husband's request, we had booked the Kennedy Space Center tour and MCO transfer. My husband was not thrilled with figuring out another rental car and we were not flying out until 6, so we did not want to take a shuttle and sit at the airport. FYI, If you are doing a tour, your meeting time will be very early (group 1). However, it is hurry up to wait. First we waited in Studio B. Then we went and got our luggage (again being separated in the terminal due to my parents needing an elevator, however this time my husband would not take no for an answer. He went with my parents and I went with my kids. We could not find them, but this time we had our cell phones ready) We got our luggage and paid a porter to take it on a cart. We breezed through customs and he delivered our luggage to a waiting bus. We did not touch the luggage from the terminal until we reached the airport. It was well worth a generous tip. We then waited on the bus almost a full hour before everyone boarded. We still made it to the Kennedy Space Center by opening time.
  6. After dinner we watched the 7:00 parade again, this time sitting in the chairs by Starbucks. We had requested Deck 5 for our dining room so it was easy to go to the Promenade. We finished the evening at the family friendly comedian in the main theater. We enjoyed both comedians. Then off to pack up and go home. Boo!
  7. Friday was our second this feels crowded moment of the cruise. After a fine breakfast at Johnny Rockets, we decided to try to go to the pool. We had observed on our previous sea day and Thursday after Cozumel that loungers were hard to find, so we decided to go early. The only loungers left by 9:00 were in the walkway to the solarium behind the hot tubs. No view and every time the door to the hallway where the elevators are located opened, we were in a draft. There were multiple chairs saved throughout the pool deck including one set of 6 near us that had no one at them from 9-2, when we finally gave up and left the pool area. We did have fun swimming and using the hot tub during that time, however. We did leave for a short period of time during those hours for lunch in the Windjammer and after we gave up our loungers we spent quite a bit of time watching boogie boarders and surfers, as well as playing more minigolf and ping pong. Dinner was back in the MDR one more time with our great servers: IMade and Marina. Not the best picture, but the best one we have of our server: he was always in motion. Both servers were great, but we left feedback for Maryna on our surverys and comment cards, that she should be a head waitress. One funny thing we learned is that her other job on the boat is to drive a life boat.
  8. Friday after dinner in the MDR, we found a strange gap in activities we were interested in. We ended up spending some time on the Boardwalk playing shuffleboard again and then my Mom wanted to ride on the giraffe on the carousel. The staff member running the carousel saw that my mom was not able to get on the giraffe on her first try as it was stopped too high. The next round, after everyone got off, she ran it a little more to stop the giraffe down. My Mom was pleased to be able to ride as giraffe's are her favorite animal. After my parents went back to their room, we rode the rising tide bar just once to say we did it. Not too exciting, but kind of fun. We then met my daughter for the one show she went to all week. (She had wanted to go on this cruise because she thought the activities (zip line, etc) and the shows sounded great.) We went to the family comedy and music show, with the guitarist and singer who had been in the Globe all week. We really enjoyed and it was family friendly. We went early due to constant crowds, but seats were available with 5 minutes until show time.
  9. They were puff pastries with a variety of fillings: cheese, berry, apple. They also said some muffins and a few other things. I enjoyed them and my son really did. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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