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  1. Wasnt there a fire on a princess ship due to cigarette smoking?
  2. We leave tomorrow on the Carnival Pride. Our listed check in time is 2 PM, however, we purchased faster to the fun. It is my understanding that we can ignore the listed check in time and check in when we wish. Is that correct? If so, what is a good time to arrive at the port to take full advantage of the priority check in and boarding? 10 AM? Or earlier? Thank you.
  3. There are quite a few that do actually. Depends on the doctor and it really depends on the patient. Some are respectful and only call in a true emergency, others are entitled and call with questions that can wait until business hours.
  4. Please do not let diapered children in the pool or splash pad area. I was once a cruise where parents did not adhere to this rule. The kids pool was shut down several times over the course of the week for poop in the pool. I had the displeasure of stepping in poop on one of those occasions.
  5. Are there make-up mirrors in the mini suites?
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