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  1. Hello once again. Is my friend allowed to order two drinks at the bar or does she have to have my card too?



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    You should have both cards when ordering 2 drinks on the package.

    If you don't have a package, you can order as many as you want on one card

  2. I am remembering our first S class trip after reading your last post

    We had the 2 kids with us. They were younger-10 and 5. and it was very tight at night time. I do agree. My son was older, he slept on the couch part and my daughter slept in the lower pull out drawer.

    They did have a full size pull out sofa bed on our Mercury cruise.


    I will say there was plenty of space to put clothes and other possesions. we just divided up all the drawer space. and there are huge closets above the bed. we put a lot of shorts and tshirts in there. Girls on one side and Guys on the other. it worked out fine.

    I was a little worried prior to the cruise, since I had read some not so great reviews about storage. I think those folks didn't find the above the bed storage.

  3. I was going to say that it probably depends on how many Elite guest are on the given sailing. If more, then they have a bigger lounge.


    when I was on silhouette they didn't use the Sky lounge much and at times you could not get a drink in there.

  4. We were on Silhouette a few years ago and they offered to have us cook, but we didn't. We decided to sit back and watch them do it. There was a guy from another table cooking and he was pretty funny. I really enjoyed this dinner. It was so nice to be outside and we had a great waiter, who remembered us when we saw him another time in the buffet area. I don't recall it being windy. They have glass walls up pretty high. This is close to the sunset bar which is also a favorite place to go.

    I am looking forward to going again when I am on Reflection in April.

  5. Hello. My kids have been on quite a few Celebrity cruises. They have a great Kids program and the staff there are usually College age and are fabulous with the kids. They have a kids club area that is brightly colored. The newer ships have bigger areas. They have daily themes and the activities revolve around the themes. They are split into age groups and usually have only a couple years in each one. If there are less kids, they combine groups. They also had a group for Teens and a Teen lounge.


    The did tons of crafts and make friends. They had scavenger hunts, and games and parades. They really kept them going.


    My son prefered the kids club over the beach one time when he was 5.

  6. What I love about S class ships at the ships are the biggest in the Celebrity Fleet, but they built it in a way that it still has a small ship "feel". So many places to go and so many small nooks and cranies-you can just get so lost in her.


    There is a little bit for everyone.

    Quiet and peaceful areas like the spa, indoor pool, library and game rooms.

    Theater and dance club for the evenings, along with the Casino

    Lots of shops

    Entertainment all day.

    And Grass that you can play games on!!!


    My favorite places are:

    Sunset bar area-beyond the lawn there is a bar that is AFT. It is so nice, partially covered. has wicker chairs and even some fire pits at night.

    Lawnclub grill-upcharge restaurant, but you have to do this!!! awesome food and entertainment

    Martini Bar-also entertainment from Bartenders. Lots of fun and awesome Martinis!!!

    Buffet area-very open and so many choices!!! how do you choose???


    To answer the original posters question:

    Yes There is a main dining room that you can go to every night and have the same table and get the great service every night. You do not have to pay for any of the other restaurants if you don't want to. Celebrity has several on boad their ships, and each ship has different ones.


    And you are correct. Reflection and Silhouette have Lawn club grill, the other 3-Equinox, Eclipse and Solstice have the glass blowing.

  7. SHIP: Silhouette

    CABIN #: 9268

    DECK #: 9

    CLASS: A1

    AREA: midship

    BED NEAR: balcony

    QUIET?: for the most part

    BALCONY VIEW: side view

    BALCONY SIZE: hump cabin, so a little bigger than usual

    WIND A PROBLEM?:none

    SOOT A PROBLEM?:none

    PROBLEMS/COMMENTS:Very nice cabin and located just outside the Card room on Deck 9, steps from the elevator. The only problem was there is a linen closet right outside the door and you could hear that door opening and closing, and at times I thought someone was entering our cabin. Otherwise the cabin was absolutely perfect!!!


  8. SHIP: Silhouette

    CABIN #: 9268

    DECK #: 9

    CLASS: A-1

    AREA: hump cabin steps away from elevator

    BED NEAR: verandah

    QUIET?: yes

    BALCONY VIEW: side and towards back

    BALCONY SIZE: a little bigger than a normal size

    WIND A PROBLEM?:nope

    SOOT A PROBLEM?:none, but some on the aft of the ship the last day

    PROBLEMS/COMMENTS:This cabin is in a great location, just off the elevators and next to the card room. It was still quiet. I loved the location. You didn't have to walk miles down the hall. The only thing is there was a closet outside the room that the room attendents went in and out and sometimes when the door shut you thought someone was coming into the room.


  9. I haven't cruised with a baby in a while as mine is now 8, but I did set up with guest services to have the formula in the room. I figured out how much she would need and then added an extra day or 2 just in case. It was plenty. It was there in the room waiting for me when we arrived.


    I brought some jars of baby food with me, but the waiter will bring the pureed fruit and veggie of the day and also mashed potatoes. My kids always ate well. You are paying for them, so may as well make the best of it. You can mash just about any soft food with milk/formula. Bananas and pancakes for breakfast from the buffet. You just have to be creative.


    I did bring a bottle brush and some dish detergent to wash the bottles every day. I also brought my own sheet and blanket for the pack and play. that way there are no allergies. I brought plenty of diapers and the extras space in the suitcase was good for souveniors. You can buy diapers at most of the ports if you run out.


    They did have a chest of toys you could sign out from the kids club. And some toddler time which was nice. Since they can get out of the stroller and move around. A stroller is a must. They do make small ones that recline.


    The staff just love babies. Many times they have their own kids at home and miss them, so they spoil ours. Once when my son was little, he started fussing and I had to give him a bottle just as my dinner came. I let it sit while i fed him. My waiter came over, cut my meat and FED me!!! I was amazed. He also bought my son a toy. and a big icecream sundae!!!


    Enjoy the cruise and have fun. The challenging year is when they are walking til they are 2 when you don't get to sit down much. So enjoy this one!!!!

  10. I prebooked my upgrade and paid $11.50 per person/per day for at total of $161.00 for 2 for a 7 day cruise. Not a bad price to pay for a liquor package!!!!

    One thing I was told it that if you were paying before you had to upgrade both packages, but if you only wanted to upgrade one, you had to wait till you were onboard. I wasn't going to upgrade mine, but since we got the Classic for free, and we saved so much money may as well!!!


    Now I see that was wrong information, oh well. I am still on a cruise paying almost nothing to drink basically whatever I want, don't have to watch. So i am good.

  11. Every ship I have been on had a soft serve ice cream area near the lunch buffet area. The flavors varied each day. My favorite is Cinnamon. They usually are open from lunch time till late afternoon. on The S class ships there is also a Gelato bar on deck 5, but there is an upcharge for that. I don't remember seeing frozen yogurt. They have Sorbet every day for dessert in MDR

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