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  1. Hi guys, I've learned SO much from everyone on these boards, so I wanted to share our experience in case it helps anyone else plan! A little about us...we are a family of 4. My husband Andy and I have been married almost 20 years. We have two boys, Drew (16) and Keaton (13). Our usual family vacation is Disney World, so they boys are used to constant entertainment, running from roller coaster to roller coaster, and they're comfortable there because they've been there approx 9-10 times. We're creatures of habit that don't like to stray too much from what we know and love, s
  2. Thank you for this review! We are on the Harmony in 5 days (our only other cruise was 9 years ago, so we're basically new cruisers). I'm sooooo excited! If i'm understanding it correctly, the Solarium Bistro is open to everyone for breakfast and lunch?? No reservations and no surcharge? thanks!!
  3. I found a fishing charter "Rudy's Deep Sea Fishing" in St Maarten. It's about $600 for a 1/2 day for the 4 of us. I will let you know how it is!
  4. Has anyone taken a cab to Mangan's Bay and hiked? THe excursion on our cruise next week is booked. Is the hike safe and well-marked (don't want to get lost in the woods)! 🙂
  5. Room service has an automatic charge, though, correct? DId someone say there was a non-Starbucks place to get mochas and frappechino's that is included in the deluxe drink package? You all have been SO incredibly helpful. Just when I think I'm ready, I start panicking and think of more questions!!
  6. Would you happen to know if they have fishing available on their tour? We're trying to find a tour where my 16 yr old can fish a little. Thanks!!
  7. Thank you all for the info! I can't believe we leave in just over 2 weeks and I've barely planned. On a typical vacation, by this time, I've generally shopped, started packing, and have color-coded itineraries made!
  8. This is probably a repeat question (for some reason, i'm just NOT catching on to this "my time" dining), but if i have a reqested time (8:30 - it's all that was available), but want to eat earlier, we can just show up and wait like at a normal restaurant?
  9. Hi all, we just recently booked the 8/4 cruise on the Harmony after doing tons of research on Carnival, then having the cruise we wanted all booked up. So, although I'm digging through threads and reading as much as I can, I still have lots of questions that I'm hoping you guys could answer! (For background info, it'll be me and hubby, both mid-forties, and our two boys, 13 and 16. Both athletic but a bit shy and awkward). 1. Zoom surf and stream - should we get that for all of us? Hubs and I will prob wants at least some access to email and social media. Can the kids stream
  10. Loving this review! Thank you for taking the time to do it (and I'm not seeing the pics, but i'm at work, so there may be a firewall or something). We're leaving for the Harmony on Aug. 4. Only our second one, and the first was 9 years ago!! I'm hoping my kids and husband love it and don't complain the whole time (they're a cranky bunch). 🤣 If they do, I guess I'll definitely buy the drink package!
  11. I found a few boats on Trip Advisor that have fishing, but it looks like it's more snorkeling, drinking and eating, with a little fishing thrown in if you want to use the rods. Not sure if that helps you at all, but I'm hoping it's enough for my 16 yr old. :)
  12. I have a 16 yr old who is dying to fish somehow on our cruise. I'm not finding any excursions on our upcoming Harmony of the Seas trip, but was wondering if anyone has done any shore fishing (brought a fold-up rod)? Thank you for any info!!
  13. My kids definitely mind waiting in lines. ☺️
  14. We are HUGE Disney fans, and Disney World has been our yearly-ish vacation since the boys were little, but after last year, we decided we needed to branch out a little. Would love a disney cruise, but they're a little pricey!
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