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  1. Hi honey8572, Yes - she does have 2 batteries, but don't think they'll last the 5ish hour time span for the excursion (each might make 2 hrs). She's completely dependent on O2, so not having it would be a crisis. Any chances that she could run out and she'll just not go with us... The plug in AC would give her the peace of mind to know that if the batteries were low, she had an option to charge them. Jenn
  2. Thank you! That's a great idea. Very appreciated, Jenn
  3. Hello all, We are planning a family trip on Grandeur that includes my mother - who is on portable oxygen 24/7. She does have portable tanks as well as a portable O2 concentrator. We'd like to do an excursion to Blue Lagoon for the day (she'd like the boat ride and sitting near the beach). However, we can't carry enough tanks for the whole 5hrs., so we'd need to use the O2 concentrater. Does anyone know if there are available plugs on the island? We just need a regular/standard AC plug for her machine. I've also posted in the special interest cruising, but no answers about Nassau.
  4. Hello all, We are planning a cruise on the RCCL Grandeur that leaves in about 2 weeks. We are traveling with my mother who requires 24/7 oxygen and a mobility scooter. She has her own tanks (short term) as well as a portable O2 concentrator. We are trying to find family friendly excursions - has anyone ever tried the Blue Lagoon excursion (Nassau, Bahamas)? The excursion description sounds like the wheelchair would work, but are there electrical outlets for the O2 concentrator? I don't think we could carry enough tanks for the 5 hour trip. Thanks in advance, Jenn
  5. Thanks tidygirl! Let me know if you hear anything - good or bad? Thanks!!
  6. Thank you for the feedback. The breezes website is offering the day pass for 14yr old (and above) - that's why we considered it for the day. Thank you, scubagirrl - that's helpful.
  7. Hi all - A search of the forums returned no comments on Clifton National beach? I wondered if anyone has visited? I know it's quite a distance; I did see a private tour (with transportation) is available. The general (e.g., trip advisor) reviews look positive, but I got nervous when no one on CC has posted/experienced the beach? Thanks,
  8. Following! We are traveling with a mobility scooter also. Jenn
  9. Hello! Thank you for all the folks who have shared info about day passes at resorts in Nassau. It's been helpful to us! Based on that info, it looks our family would prefer Breezes - BUT I noticed they post an age restriction of 14yrs old. We have a (very tall) 13yr. with us - can anyone comment on the working with the age restrictions? Are they firm? Do they check ids? We will be a party of 7, in case that matters. Not keen on breaking their rules, but trying to make everyone in our party happy. Thanks
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