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  1. How are things looking for the Alaska season? I'm 90% sure it's not happening as I don't see a trans-Pacific sailing of the Solstice.
  2. Here is another link about the closure...
  3. In the past week, there has been a massive amount of conflicting information issued. I have found that Erin Bromages information seems to stand up to the test of time. There is a new video on YouTube (Travels with Bruce) stating that the New England and Alaska markets are out of reach this season as Canada is closed until November 1st.
  4. I posted this link on the related Celebrity thread. It was very well received as it's based on easy to understand science. There is no talk of conspiracy theories or innuendo. What I liked about his analysis is that he advised the top 50 outbreaks did not include cruise ships. The impact of ventilation and AC systems can't be missed. https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them Also Please see https://www.erinbromage.com/ for other articles Mike
  5. You're Welcome! I was thinking of the interconnected AC between sets of cabins. I'll be back (to crusing) as soon as there is a vaccine and/or an effective therapy for CV19. Until then, I support one hundred percent testing of everyone on the ship before boarding and avoidance of ports with active cases of the virus.
  6. Yep, It was odd. The virus seemed to first explode in sparsely populated Blaine County (Home to Sun Valley and Ketchum during ski season). The Blaine County virus was also traced to people who attended a conference in New York. But, they likely came through Boise airport.
  7. Thanks to everyone for their input. The article was one of the best I've read.... No finger pointing, innuendo or unnecessary hysteria… Just Science providing us useful information.
  8. Knowing this information will help our decisions on our cruises as well as at cruise ports and attractions. It is well researched and well written. https://erinbromage.wixsite.com/covid19/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them
  9. Thanks to all who responded. I appreciated your input. I guess the best policy is to act like we are on a ship with Noro, wash our hands, wipe down our cabin, avoid touching railings and elevator buttons directly, etc..., There was another CC member I followed,when cruising the Caribbean, who ended most of their posts with ‘Washy Washy”. Quite appropriate For this situation. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. The title says it all. When I board the ship, I want to be sure that the ship is squeaky clean. So, does the NORO cleaning process also eliminate the Corona Virus. Thank You! Mike
  11. I would like to know if the sanitization process used for Noro is sufficient for COVID-19/Coronavirus. ??? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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