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  1. My wife and I go to Napa every year and have tasted at Caymus a few times. Yes, they make excellent wine; however, imo, you are paying too much just for the name. We only have a single zone wine fridge so we keep both our reds and whites in it. So the reds are chilled closer to whites, but like you, I'll pull the bottle out about an hour or so to let it warm up a bit.
  2. I have used private car services several times in the past just not out of Orlando. I have never had a problem. And the comfort level is there. As soon as we meet our driver, he takes our bags for us and escorts us to the car/suv most of the time there bottled water or other drinks. You just sit back and relax. With a ride share, the vehicle size differs alot. Also with you wanting to fly in the day of the cruise, that will increase the rate as there will be higher demand, same with the return ride back to the airport. My dilemma is finding a good private care service
  3. Also, I suspect the return trip from the cruise terminal to MCO is going to be much higher as there is higher demand when 1 or more cruise ships dock.
  4. I on the other hand like to do things on my own like if you lived there. So when my wife and I went to Rome last year, we used the trains extensively. Took the leo Express to the train station, got a cab to the hotel, although there are a few good hotels within walking distance to the train station. Then took the train to Civitavecchia. The only thing to remember for that part is you will have to carry your luggage down and up a flight of stairs, and getting off and on(on the return trip). The platforms are much lower than the doors to the train cars. But we made due. You can even prepay your
  5. Have you considered taking the train to Rome and then get a taxi to the convent. Rail transportation is pretty good in Rome and not overly expensive. Also the train ride from Rome to Civitavecchia is also a very nice relaxing trip. If you can carry your bag down and up a flight of steps is the only restriction there is. From there, there are shuttles that take you right to where you need to go to get on the shuttle to the ship. Its what my wife and I did last year when we were in Rome for 3 days before doing a cruise out of Civitavecchia. The cost from Rome to the Port was only 35
  6. agree, was looking at PC lodgings last night, and the one's that had a cruise terminal shuttle, charged an additional fee.
  7. Does using the ATM in the destination country still apply if it is say Mexico?
  8. Just want to say, looking to book air travel 11 months out is not realistic. Most airlines don't post more than 10 months out. Then on top of that, when they first come out, they are at full price with any discounts not getting applied for a week or so. Even with international travel, I wouldn't book more that 6-8 months out.
  9. I literally just renewed my DL last week and got the RealID version. All I needed was my passport and SS card.
  10. there's no mile walk. There are port shuttles that will go from your ship to the port entrance area. You then switch to the portolink bus that will take you from the port entrance to the train station.
  11. If you are going by train, then you know when you will arrive in florence. its only a 20 minute walk from train station to the galleria. So pick a time about 30 minutes from when your train will arrive in Florence. At most you will be waiting for about 5-10 minutes.
  12. My wife and I did Florence on our own this past July. It is a flat fee of 25 Euros one way from ship to the train station. We caught the 8:12am train arriving in Florence at 9:32am and returned on the 4:28pm train arriving in Livorno at 5:48pm. We got back to the ship by 6pm with plenty of time. We arrived at the same time a lot of the tours were as well. I would if you purchase the train tickets ahead of time on trenitalia.com, to book the train just before the one I listed. That way if you finish up early and are ready to go you can, and it you don't want to go until 4:28pm you
  13. There are a variety of ways to get from Rome to the cruise port. From Private driver to taking the train. Each has its own Pros and Cons.
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