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  1. OakRod

    Carnival Victory Review - 1/17 - 1/24/2010

    [quote name='Pattyjo9951']Great review!! We are also from St. louis and are thinking about doing this cruise in the future. I am scared of airfair to fly to San Juan. Wondering who you flew with and if you were able to get a good rate on your airfair!! Thanks!![/QUOTE] We are taking this cruise 2-28 and our airfare was outta STL. We paid about 320 pp.
  2. OakRod

    Carnival Victory Review - 1/17 - 1/24/2010

    [quote name='travelqueen555']We were in a balcony cabin 1055 on the Panarama deck - great location. We brought four bottles of wine on board, two each, no problem. Had a bottle of Captain Morgan wrapped securely in our checked luggage. Again no problem. We also ordered the 5 bottle wine package from Carnival for dinners. On the last night we still had one bottle left of the wine we carried on, we took it to the dining room to share with friends, and paid the $7.50 corkage fee - better than going to waste. Don't forget to bring your own corkscrew.[/QUOTE] i am SOOO glad I found your post! We just upgraded to 1055, very excited :)
  3. OakRod

    How long to walk the ship??

    I agree but I also do not want to waste 2 hrs a day trying to get everywhere. I had the opportunity to switch to a cabin that was midship instead of at the very front and I was wondering if it was worth it.
  4. OakRod

    How long to walk the ship??

    It does help, thanks a million!
  5. OakRod

    Legend Forward Balcony

    You have to get back to me about this room!! PLEASE!!!! Msg me on here or email me angiewiu@hotmail.com!!!
  6. OakRod

    Upgrade or not??

    So I called carnival today, I can upgrade to the LIDO deck, room 9293 from 6207. What do you guys think? It would cost 140.00 to do it. My hubby says NO, we will stay in whatever room they gave us and have a blast!!! I am all about convenience!
  7. OakRod

    How long to walk the ship??

    Are you serious????? How long does it take to walk it? I am willing to call and pay more to switch my room!
  8. Okay so we got our room today...we are in 6207, which is all the way up at the front of the ship. My question is, how long does it take to walk from one end to the next?? I dont want to have to walk 10 min to eat!!! That is my biggest concern for my room, HOW FAR TO THE FOOD! haha.
  9. OakRod

    Handicapped rooms?

    so we got our cabin assignment today...its 6207, we did not request handicap room. is this a good thing we got or a bad thing??!!
  10. OakRod

    ~WeightWatchers Support~

    [quote name='flauer1112']oh ladies, its almost here. almost here. btw, is anyone crusing the feb 27th cruise to the caribbean? that's my cruise :) i have been struggling this week :( but i hope to make my goal -- gotta make my goal. and thanks for inspiring me everyone. i was just thinking about how addicted i have become to tracking and meetings. what will i do while im on the ship? before i get there i will be spending time in miami for a week....i hope to go to a meeting over there. im officially addicted to this :eek: -dalia ------------------------- (updated 1/28/10) Goal: lose 20 lbs in 20 weeks Wks to go: 4 weeks Lbs to go: 3.2[/QUOTE] Hey there!! I will be on that cruise! Getting sooo excited! Are you on the Roll Call forum for our cruise??
  11. OakRod

    Legend Forward Balcony

    OMG this is our cabin!!! I was all freaked out about whether I should keep it...should we or shouldnt we??!!! I am worried about distance to restaurants and stuff..
  12. OakRod

    Soo confused on what to do!

    I can email you her contact info if you would like. Send me an email at angiewiu@hotmail.com because I sometimes get lost on this board, finding all my posts!!!
  13. OakRod

    Soo confused on what to do!

    Thanks! We have never been to any of these islands. It is my husband and I and we are VERY laid back! If we were on an island for a week, we would be on the beach for 5 days and then shop around for 2 days! At first, I thought I needed to see each and every interesting thing on each island, hince why I booked all the excursions. Then, I got to thinking about it and thought that I KNOW we will hate to be told where to go, when to leave, and how to get there for 6 days. I think 3 or 4 excursions will be great, but not 6! So now I am at the point where I need to determine which islands to do excursions, and what islands to go on our own!!!
  14. OakRod

    Soo confused on what to do!

    Will we be able to get to the Maho beach okay? I really want to see that!
  15. OakRod

    Soo confused on what to do!!!

    Thank you so much! I was thinking about doing the chill day in St Thomas!! What ever we do will be fun, I am sure of that!