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  1. Hate those flight changes...they seem to be happening more often when booking far ahead...especially American and Delta for my booked flights. I watch them carefully...just spent an hour on the phone (on hold) with American last night to make an outbound request from a flight they had changed...but it all worked out....I knew what flight I wanted to be changed to and seats request...I'm always ready with this info and this only took 5 min..but that wait time at midnight...yikes !!!


    You're very welcome about South Florida Shuttles...they were just wonderful to us. Showed up early and loaded our luggage while my son installed the car seat for his 3 year old toddler...you must install due to liability issues...but wouldn't have it any other way (Daddy) knew what he was doing.


    When they picked us up once we made the call they were there is less than 10 min from where they have to wait. We had 3 airline terminals for our family's departure and they stopped at all three with quick efficiency ..Will definitely use and recommend them again.


    Yes, our flights were changed for the worse. Six of us are flying out of LAX, four out of Denver; meeting in Houston and then on to FLL. The Denver flight was changed to fly into Chicago and then to FLL arriving two and a half hours before our LAX flight gets to FLL. Luckily I have us all meeting up in Houston and on the same flight to FLL. Now to keep an eye our flights!

    Then I realized they changed my May fight to Colorado Springs too. It's only me on that flight and I now arrive two hours early so I'm happy!

    Thanks again for your help! I was really stressing about our transportation!


    Take care,


  2. If it was just overnight I would advise against renting the vans, which will be expensive, but for two nights you can probably justify renting them.


    I would also check http://www.sunny.org for hotels within walking distance of restaurants, shops and the beach - you could use two van-taxis to get from FLL to your hotel and hotel to PE and save the $$ you'll spend on car rentals. Bring your own car seats - the airline will check them for free - so that you know that they are properly sized and maintained. ;)


    I had thought about that, but the thought of lugging car seats on and off the ship and then storing them in our cabin didn't sound like much of a vacation to me.


    I think I have it figured out now. Now if United would quit changing our flights I'd have it made!



    Thanks for the suggestion of South Florida Shuttles! We'll be using them to get to the ship and then to FLL. I made my reservation by phone and they were very nice, and prompt at returning my call.




  3. Hi all,

    I am in need of transportation for 10 people, 6 adults and 4 children (2 need car seats). I am thinking of renting two mini vans to get us from FLL to hotel as we arrive two days pre-cruise and plan to go out to dinner and to a grocery store; we'll return them on Saturday night.


    We'll need to get from hotel to PE and PE to FLL.


    Thanks for helping!


  4. From FLL to a hotel and hotel to PE are two very short trips -- you might explore UberXL as some come with car seats (extra fee). I would also take another look at booking private transport - should be a lot easier and cheaper than renting two vans for a couple of 10-15 minute trips and then having to fill them up, drop them off, shuttle/taxi to the port, etc.

    Good luck with your planning! :D


    Thanks!! I opted to do the mini vans because we plan to go to the grocery store and out to dinner. We arrive in Ft Lauderdale two days before our cruise. My thought was to turn them in on Saturday night and use private transportation to PE and then again to FLL after the cruise. At least that's the plan so far...


    Thanks for your help!


  5. From where to where? :confused: From FLL to POM? From FLL to PE?


    For 10 plus bags (and several car/booster seats) you'll need to rent 2 minivans or 3 standard cars.


    I would track down South FLA Shuttles to see if they can handle your group - might be cheaper and less hassle.


    Sorry, I should've been more specific...

    I think we're going to rent two mini vans to get from FLL to hotel. We need to get from hotel to PE, and then PE to FLL.




  6. The trip did go well, Thank you! We used South Florida Shuttles it was $48 which included tip. They were very nice and easy to deal with. They came in a big van that could have fit 20 people for my family of 5 and had the car seats for us to use. Hope this helps.


    Just the answer I was looking for without posting the question! In your opinion would this option be feasible...? There are 10 of us total, 6 adults, 4 kids ages 7, 6, 4 and 21 months (yes, I'm crazy!)

    My thought was to rent a couple of cars to get from FLL to hotel. I wasn't sure if we should take the rental cars to drop everyone off at the port and then return them to the airport, have the rental company take us to the port and then take a shuttle from port to FLL. As you can tell, I'm totally lost figuring this all out! Any thoughts or ideas??



  7. We did that last year and had a blast! We stayed in Times Square and did Central Park and a Broadway show on the same day (it was a lot of walking, but very enjoyable). The 9/11 Memorial on a separate day will work too. You can buy your tickets ahead of time; we did the guided tour and then had some time on our own. We spent 5 nights pre-cruise in NYC and had a blast!


    Hope that helps!


  8. We are on our first cruise next march and we are interested in these sea bands . What is it that they do to help. We are in the aft two bedroom suite will looking out the back cause any issues like the old days of station wagons with the rear seat facing out . Yes I am old to remember those cars



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    Aft cabins are the best!!! Highly soughtafter and hard to get lately! You'll love it! I don't get motion sick on the back and I did in those lovely rear-facing station wagons!

    I believe sea bands work like acupressure. They have small plastic studs that apply pressure on your wrist.


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  9. You didn't do anything wrong, you just commented on what you read. Some get very touchy whenever Galveston is mentioned.

    Amen to that! I'm sorry I ever mentioned it...

    I have a friend in Friendswood, TX and was following this thread thinking I'd find out some of what's going on in the area. My bad! I will no longer be following this thread.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are affected...


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  10. In their defense, I also saw the evacuation information posted on weather.com website, though I do not see it now. It said it was because the island was running out of fuel and food (which seems silly to me, as how could they run out this soon??)

    Thank you! That's where I read it, but also found a CBS link with the same story! I'm relieved it's not true!


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  11. And WHERE did you get this information?


    Misinformation can be deadly!!!




    The City of Galveston is fine AND has been!

    The mainland has flooded roads - NOT Galveston!

    We are NOT being airlifted off the Island! Evacuees from the mainland are to be airlifted to cities further north. They DID NOT live on the Island!

    We are NOT out of food OR supplies! Grocers are open and receiving deliveries! Restaurants are open! City Hall is open!


    How do I know this? I LIVE here! mid town, 20 blocks to the port!

    We NEVER lost power, only minor street flooding due to heavy rain - drained!!!

    Cable, satellite and internet working! In our 1867 home with A/C - NO ISSUES!!!


    Also very much involved with the City; met with City Manager this morning offering assistance to our emergency personnel. All is good and quiet.


    Before EVER stating something, confirm facts first!

    Sorry, I read it here... Please excuse my ignorance if I misread this...




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  12. Welcome to Cruise Critic!


    I totally understand what you mean! Before my first cruise (1995) I went to my Doctor and got meds for seasickness, nausea and diarrhea. I never used any of them! Our first cruise was on a small ship too!

    I've never gotten seasick. With that said, I get motion sick on anything that spins in a circle and playing video games.


    Hope that helps! Enjoy your cruise! Watch out, they're addicting!




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  13. Thank you for your reply. The DSs want to go deep sea fishing, so I am going to arrange that in Halifax. The DH and I will do a bit of sight seeing. For everyone getting anxious about me sending the DSs off by themselves, they are 22 and 18. We are still looking for ideas in St Johns.


    I wouldn't worry about your boys, they'll be fine.


    I loved St John, Roy took us to some very beautiful places! I'm sure you could get a few more couples to join you (post on the thread for your Roll Call). Roy loves his "home." I can't wait to go back! St John and Bar Harbor were my two favorite places!

  14. For St John I can recommend using Roy's tours. We used him last October, and we're using him again this October too... http://roystours.webs.com/


    When we were in Halifax we used... http://halifaxcruiseshipshoretours.com/

    We did the highlights and Peggy's Cove tour. We skipped the Maple Syrup place and lunch to spend more time seeing the other places. They will design the tour to what you want to see.


    Hope that helps!

    Have a great time!

  15. Twickenham,

    We plan on staying at the Hilton in Quebec. Would you say that taking a taxi from airport to hotel and then hotel to cruise port is the best way to go? We will be there in October during Thanksgiving week, if that makes a difference.




  16. If you call C&A, they may be able to send you a block from whatever ship you were on when you earned 140 points. It would help to be able to tell them what ship that was.


    Thanks, but I think I earned my 140 points before they did points.

    We took a break from cruising for a while. We had both kids get married and had three grand babies between February 2010 and June 2013.

    Hopefully we'll get one after this next cruise!



  17. Looks like I'm not alone...


    I pack garbage bags for dirty clothes and put them in the suitcase under the bed. And I always pack Clorox wipes and clean the room, drawer/door handles, phone, remote, toilet, sink, balcony rails, etc... Not to mention I wipe down my airplane seat too. I have no idea who sat their stinky butt and dirty hair in the seat before me! I don't want to get sick on my vacation! :D

  18. For EWR into the city just take the train. Airtrain to the NJ transit right into NY Penn Station then depending on where you are staying walk/cab/subway to your hotel.


    Will you come and carry all of my luggage for a two week vacation??? :D


    I think a car will be much more convenient, but thanks for the info! I'll be going to NYC again in November and this might come in handy! I won't have three suitcases then!



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