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  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question (that was buried in my wordy review!). That is good to know and I am looking forward to trying Allure again or maybe Harmony
  2. Enjoy! Allure is a great ship. I'm not sure how I can go back to other ship classes now, lol, but even the Freedom Class and Voyagers Class ships are really nice and due to be amped soon.
  3. @Rogueperson enjoy your cruise in December. I was a bit nervous trying the larger class ships mainly due to crowd concerns but we hardly ever felt overcrowded and loved all that Allure had to offer. The only time I felt a slight difference was at dinner time. A bit of overflow each night
  4. Sept 4, Wednesday - Debarkation We had our last breakfast meal in the American Icon dining room. We chose to order from the menu instead of doing the buffet. The service was really slow for some reason, which made me anxious. Our debarkation time was 8:15. I must say that things have changed with both embarkation and debarkation in recent years. Both processes were super fast. Our debarkation time was 8:15. We were off the ship quickly. Although there were 2 lines for passports vs. birth certificates, we were not stopped at customs - no checking, no facial recognition,
  5. Yes unfortunately we didn't think to explore other areas, thinking that all of Labadee would be similar. I hope I get to experience it again. It was my first time there
  6. Day 10 - Tuesday At Sea Today is our last day finally and we are READY to go home. I never thought I’d utter the phrase “I’m done with pools and beaches”, lol. But that is how I was feeling at this point, although we did spend today at the Solairum, LOL. This was because our last pool day was a bit cloudy. Kids decided they would sleep in. I had already started packing the night before. For lunch, I was craving pizza, so we ran down to Sorrentos, grabbed a bunch of slices and brought them back to the pool area. Would be nice for them to maybe have some small single serv
  7. @FirstAnthem, all the seafood was cooked. Shrimp, and crab meat mostly. I think they purposely ensure this for the very reason you mention.
  8. Day 9 - Monday At Sea Today’s agenda was just onboard activities. Taking a pool break. Sushi Rolling Class - for those who are interested, I recommend you save your appetite for this. The timing is tricky - 10am class that lasts about an hour, so 11am by the time you are done and can eat your creation.We tried to have a little breakfast beforehand to tie us over, but the key is “little” - keep it light. Cost was $35 pp and I felt it was more worth the cost than the cupcake class. All the ingredients are organized on the table for you, and an instructor guide
  9. I am glad a few folks are enjoying my review/trip report.. I find these boards so informational for myself, so I am trying to return the favor! A few more random notes and we will wrap up Day 8! The Mamma Mia cast - saw about 5 of the main players at the ruins doing their own private tour. VIP benefits, I'm sure. Love and Marriage Game Show - can’t recall which night, but we attended. We’ve seen this before, as it’s a staple for every RC sailing. Is it me, or has this run its course and needs a refresh? Similar “audition”, similar questions. The cruise direc
  10. I think that is a Coati. I love snapping photos but get nervous around animals that aren't behind a wall - this one was just running up a tree as I walked the path towards the end of the cenote swim
  11. I just used this myself on my recent sailing, My experience is that the app has about 85-90% up to date info at any given time. I've tried logging out and then logging back in, which worked sometimes. I just found it to be hit or miss and sometimes I'd randomly see my calendar pop up suddenly. Good luck. I hope it wakes up for you soon, lol.
  12. Day 8 - Costa Maya We’ve never been to Costa Maya so decided to see what types of excursions we could sign up for. At this point we didn’t want to do another beach (got enough sun by now!), so was looking for a cultural or city tour. Since Costa Maya isn’t as developed as some of the other places in MX, there wasn’t much to choose from other than the Mayan Ruins tour. This would normally be right up our alley, but as I looked at our current tab$$ onboard, plus the thought of 3 more days spending more money drinking and what not (yes, I know, no one is forcing me to have that glass of wine
  13. What was supposed to be Day 7 - Sea Day, turned into a port day! After we heard of the extension to Wednesday, I was wondering what they were going to do with us for the next 4 days. Again, I didn't get any info yet from RC (if it was mentioned on the PA announcement, it escaped me) HOWEVER, with the newly added VOOM, I went on RC's facebook page and found a place where they announce changes due to weather. It was there that i saw that we would be going to 2 additional ports - Roatan and Costa Maya! So Day 7 - Roatan, Day 8 - Costa Maya, Days 9 and 10 would be sea days. This helped
  14. All the other announcements came through fine in our room PA, so I wouldn't have thought to search for other options like you mention on the tv, etc. Just odd that this one did not. I have never heard of XPlor - what is that?
  15. Day 6 - Today will be a long day. We are going to Xcaret, a Nature Adventure Park in Cozumel. We’ve been to Cozumel twice before and have visited Tulum. I’ve heard good things about Xcaret. It is an 8am start to an 8.5 hour excursion. Travel time is 1-1.5 hour each way, as you have to take the ferry to Playa del Carmen followed by a bus ride. DS and I were prepared with our Bonine just in case. We don’t get seasick on the cruise ship, just ferries or small boats in choppy waters. (BTW, I never once felt any rocking while onboard until the very last evening returning to FLL, Never f
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