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  1. Your post makes me glad I chose to dispute the charge on my credit card. Mine was a plain vanilla cruise only booking as well. Cancelled on March 9th, no action on refund yet. I am amazed that something like a refund which should be straightforward, apparently takes months to figure out in the Princess world and key steps are missed along the way. Capital One credited my account for the full amount of the cruise fare (including the $200 deposit) within 48 hours of filing the dispute. If Princess does refund me in this lifetime (we were booked for May 16), I know Capital one will take care of any reconciliation required.
  2. If they are processing May sailings, then what happened to all the people sailing in March and April that are reporting no refunds? Surely all of them can't be random out of order cases. I'm not challenging what you are saying, just what Princess is telling you. At this point, I'm happy to let Capital One handle the dispute. Maybe they'll be more responsive to the big credit card companies than an individual customer.
  3. This. I'm amazed how anyone would continue to defend Princess for these excruciating delays, when there are examples all around us of other travel providers getting it right. Your Delta example could be me - was supposed to fly to Asia end May with family. Flight got cancelled April 3rd, I called the same day and they immediately processed the refunds which showed up in 7 calendar days. Four tickets totaling $11,000 and refunded with no fuss. Our hotel bookings were refunded by Expedia in 72 hours. Cruise lines don't operate in some alternate universe where everything takes longer. They are quick enough to charge us for taking bookings, same as airlines and hotels, but refunds? Not so quick. For myself, just decided to not wait any longer and filed a credit card dispute Monday morning. This should not have been necessary. But I'm not willing to keep trusting this company to do the right thing when there's been precious little evidence so far that they are doing so.
  4. Speaking for ourselves- my mom and I were cruising partners. We have done several cruises and enjoyed every one, some more than others. My dad and sibs would laugh at us for liking to cruise and pretty much always compared cruise ships to floating cafeterias. We were trying to convince them to come on a cruise, well, now that the Covid crisis has occurred, they are now dead set against the idea more than ever and are convinced that cruise ships are giant petri dishes of infection! And honestly, can't really blame them with all the news the last few months. My mom has just turned 70 and there's no way any of us will let her on a cruise ship absent a vaccine. And even then, she would be in a higher risk category. What's disturbed me the most is the thought of thousands of people marooned just offshore and not allowed to disembark on land. I'm sure lots of people who aren't high risk will be back and lots of new cruisers will join, but for us, it may be land trips only from now on.
  5. We were supposed to sail on May 16th on the Caribbean Princess. I had canceled our cruise on March 9th and was supposed to get back all but the $200 deposit as a refund on my card. Zero movement on my case along with most people here. I called Capital One this morning to file a credit card dispute. Capital One told me I could dispute my $200 deposit as well since my cruise was subsequently canceled. Not sure how that'll play out (if that's rejected, I'll claim on my credit card insurance) but definitely want the rest of the refund which I am entitled to. Its kind of sad that it had to come to this, but the way Princess has been dragging its feet has been pretty disappointing. As a point of comparison, we had an end May trip to Asia booked, and got prompt refunds for international flights and hotels within 3-7 calendar days - and these guys are dealing with far more cancellations in terms of volume and sometimes amounts than Princess. Rather than call Princess to be given vague timelines, I figured to just let the credit card company deal with the hassle and I'm happy to give them any documentation they need. Good luck to everyone waiting on their refunds.
  6. We were booked on the Caribbean Princess on May 16. Cancelled the booking on March 9 and are in the neverending line for refunds. At the time of cancellation, since it was more than 57 days out, Princess confirmed we would get back the full amount less the $200 deposit which would become an FCC. Now that the cruise itself has been cancelled, can we get the $200 deposit refunded as well? I followed the link to the online request form, and when I punched in the Princess booking code, it just said information not available - which makes sense I suppose if the booking has been cancelled. The FCC is not showing up in my account, so they haven't processed that yet, I assume it would be done the same time that the refund is issued. Is there a way to request refund for that ?
  7. Ok, I dont even understand this. You say that domestic flights are getting cancelled because hardly anyone is flying so refunds are fewer? The reason why so many flights are either empty or are being cancelled due to low load, is because so many people have already cancelled. And so there are a ton of refunds to process. Look, I like Princess. But I'm also not a cheerleader who's going to defend them no matter what. I commended them for doing a fantastic job with the Diamond Princess in very difficult circumstances. But this current situation where there are such long waits for refunds is not right. And there are examples all around us of companies doing a much better job with refunds. Another example? I had hotels booked in Asia thru Expedia. I called Expedia to cancel and the refunds showed up in 10 days.
  8. Not apples and oranges at all. Yes Delta didn't have to cancel every flight. But they have slashed 70% of their flights, or 3,500 departures per day. Assuming 200 pax per flight, that's 700,000 people's refunds to process (the actual number will be lower as many people would've booked roundtrips or one booking covering multiple pax). Either way its a stark contrast to Princess. For the record, Delta were amazing. If you are flying in Sep, chances are they did not cancel your flight. If you call to cancel, I think the only option you'll be offered is a future flight credit. On the other hand, if the airline cancels the flight ie. no fault of passenger, you are entitled to a full refund. If you don't want to fly in Sep, I'd wait a bit to see if your flight gets canceled in which case they will make you whole. And if the flight is running but you don't want to fly, you'll get a flight credit so you'll be no worse off.
  9. Voljeep: you are aware of how many flights Delta operated per day pre-Covid-19, right? That would be 5,000 daily departures, so 35,000 departures over the standard 7 day period for a cruise. Total passengers carried during that same 7 day period? Just under 4 million. With the crisis, virtually all international flights have been canceled and tons of US domestic flights. Now tell me why people shouldn't call out Princess for being so slow to put through refunds while companies carrying loads several times larger put through refunds in a week. Delta is considered top of the line among US carriers, but I thought Princess was also at the top of the heap.
  10. I'm also waiting for my refund. Canceled on March 9th for a cruise on May 16. But there's a big difference on how Princess is handling refunds vs other travel providers. We were booked on Delta to Asia at end-May. Delta canceled our flights on April 3. I called them immediately, after a 2 minute wait I was transferred to the refunds desk and was immediately offered a choice between future flight credits and refund to our cards (4 people were booked and 2 cards were used). I selected a refund and was told no worries, refund will show up within 10-21 business days. On April 10, 7 calendar days after I called, the refunds showed up on our cards. Now I would argue that airlines have been every bit as badly affected as cruise lines, yet the way Delta handled it was impressive. At a tough time like this its great to receive a prompt refund. I know that for future travel, we will always look to Delta first. Cruises? Not sure if we'll look at Princess again.
  11. We were on the same cruise as you, and also cancelled for the same reasons. We cancelled on March 9. So disappointed, but have to keep the bigger picture in mind. I really feel sorry for the Princess reps who are being inundated with cancellation requests right now.
  12. We were cruising just one day before you on May 16. One thing to keep in mind - I was advised by Princess on Monday when I called them that it was taking them up to 5 days to process cancellations as they are so backed up. Now I am not sure (and forgot to ask!) whether the cancellation stands effective on the day you send in the request, or the day that Princess actually processes it. Since we were more than 68 days out, I preferred to cancel within that 8 day window so we would get back the entire cruise fare, less $200 deposit, to my card. Once you go inside that 60 day window, its 50% refund to card only and the remainder as a cruise credit. Realistically, most of us will cruise again once the situation normalizes, but I'd prefer to have as little of my money tied up with Princess (or any cruise line). Just frees you up to spend that same amount on a good land based trip.
  13. Because this is a cruising community, where people discuss all aspects of the cruise experience, including reasons for booking and cancelling among other things. And particularly at this time, when lots of people are cancelling or reconsidering whether or not to cruise at the time, its helpful to share reasons, and also what the experience was like when cancelling. I personally have learned a lot from the posts of a lot of people here. For people not interested in the topic, nothing easier than just moving on to other topics.
  14. That's great to hear. Our deposit was also non refundable for $200. If Princess is showing flexibility on this, I will definitely call them. I assume you'd already received the balance of your payment as a refund?
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