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  1. Quick question...we are booked on the Caribbean princess in May. We usually eat dinner at home between 7:30 to 8:30 (that means we will start eating within that one hour time frame, not how long it takes to eat). Based on the feedback here, we should be ok if we go down at 7:30, right? Or should we plan for 8? We are in a mini suite but dont have Club Class dining. We are 2 of us and prefer the 2-tops. Alternatively- is it possible to call the dining room in the morning and book a time? IIRC, we did do that on Royal Princess, but that was in 2017 and in Europe, so not sure if we can do that here.
  2. Thanks everyone. @ryndam would love to stay at the properties you mentioned, but that may be bad for the budget! We have stayed at several RC's and Conrads both in the US and abroad and they were always great - but I was hoping to not pay more than $250 per night for the pre-cruise stay. I think it'll be between the Hilton in a Tower balcony and the RI Il Lugano (water view room).
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. Lots of great information. I am definitely inclined towards booking under the BSE as it just means no hidden expenses when we board. Being covered in case of any subsequent increase in gratuities is important as well.
  4. The problem is that both of those properties seem to be getting very mixed reviews. Lots of recent complaints both here and on TripAdvisor about rooms not being in good shape, etc. Thats why I was thinking either Hilton or RI.
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied. I had a look at the map and it does indeed look like a 10-15 minute walk to most places. I'm traveling with my mom who has arthritis and walks slowly, so it may be even longer. I think we may have to Uber it everywhere - or maybe stay elsewhere? Any thoughts on the Residence Inn Intracoastal Il Lugano? It gets great reviews and has the lovely water views the Hilton has, plus looked closer to restaurants, etc. Its further out from the port but the Uber estimator says 15-20 minutes. Am also considering the Riverside - would that work too? Thanks!
  6. Happy holidays to everyone! We are thinking about a Caribbean cruise in May on Caribbean Princess. I was wondering if the Princess experts could help me with some questions: 1) The BSE promotion works out to $280 pp or $40 pp/pd for a 7-day cruise. I was thinking that of the $40, $15.50 would be gratuities daily (mini-suite) and the internet would be around $8.50/day (comparing it to the pre cruise cost of $60). So that means the drinks package is effectively $16/day. We usually drink no more than one adult beverage (cocktail/wine) per day each, but do like a fresh glass of OJ in the mornings and probably a couple of specialty coffees per day, so I figured we would still come out slightly ahead if we took the BSE promo. Is this correct in your view? I figured the juice and coffees would run $3-5 each. 2) If we decided to pay as you go for drinks and pre-paid our gratuities and internet, do you think we could share one $60 net package across 2 devices? It"ll be me and my mom on the cruise. We would be using it for the usual stuff like social media posts, emails, etc. As long as one device is logged in at a time, its fine if we share that, right? The cruise we are thinking about has 2 full sea days and access to fast internet is a definite nice-to-have. 3) Finally - it has been over 2 years since we were last on Princess - any key changes we have missed? Besides the Ocean Medallion which looks like a great innovation, that is. Thanks! Looking forward to returning to Princess. We were on the Carnival Horizon last year and while it was a great experience to sail out of our home port of NYC, the cruise experience itself was.....lets just say, we plan to stick to Princess for now!
  7. Are there restaurants and grocery stores nearby? Thinking of staying here pre cruise for 2 nights, but would prefer not having to Uber it every time we wanted to go out. Thanks.
  8. Thank you! I found it under My Billing, on the right of Itinerary, Activities, Guests, etc. Good to know. Thanks so much for the tip!
  9. Hi, for our upcoming Horizon cruise, I bought the premium internet plan online as its at a discount, compared to buying on the ship. I got the Fun Shops confirmation order and my credit card was charged, so all ok. However, when I log in under my account, it shows our cruise and all the details except for this purchase. Should it not show up under purchased items? Is this normal for the internet plan purchase, or should I call Carnival? Thanks!
  10. I was wondering the same thing. We have 3 OS booked on our upcoming Horizon cruise. There is no FTTF on our cruise (actually not offered on any Horizon cruise till Dec as Carnival was expecting a lot of Diamonds and Plats in the first few months). I was therefore wondering if the suites would be ready at boarding, since the cabin attendants would not have the FTTF cabins to service first.
  11. Bathrooms! The regular cabins should all have glass enclosures. And for the suites, they should either have a tub plus separate walk in shower, or if space is too much of a constraint, offer some suites with walk in shower only, and some with tubs, split 50/50. Let the people decide! The tub lovers will be happy and those of us who love a good walk in shower will be equally so.
  12. Not on Carnival, but on Royal Caribbean in 2015, we were on Rhapsody of the Seas and were in a suite that was just under the Lido. On that particular ship, the GS and JS cabins were all under the Lido, so if you wanted a suite, that's where you were. And we definitely did hear a bit of noise early mornings from chairs and carts but mostly it was ok. Having said that, we are sound sleepers and not particularly sensitive to noise (we live in New York so are immune by now). But it may all depend on how sensitive you are to sounds which is an individual trait.
  13. Horizon all the way. Brand new ship and it's an 8 day cruise. I loved St Kitts and St Maarten when I was there. St Kitts was really cool with the black sand beaches.
  14. Really enjoying your review and pictures! We are on the Horizon in August and am looking forward to it! Was also laughing about the Verrazzano spelling - have spelled it that way my whole life, not sure why the legislators needed to step in :) Thanks for the tip about the forward portion of the decks for sailaway. We are on 7 midship and may walk forward. We were earlier thinking of going to the top deck but were concerned that it might be crazy crowded so this could work. This is our first time sailing out of New York and i definitely want the best views. :')
  15. Several people who recently sailed Horizon have commented on different threads that they arrived 30 mins prior and got good seats. I hope that's true for our cruise on the Horizon next month too. It would be such a pain to show up 45 mins in advance to get decent seats. 30 mins is bad enough.
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